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Listed below are the people who have answered Jana's Call to Action. These ordinary citizens have stepped forward and committed their time, efforts and talents in multiple ways to serve others. Inspired by Jana's life and courage, and motivated to action by her death, these people are "walking the walk". We hope these individual stories would encourage you to join our movement and make a difference.

While Jana fought hard for the causes that were closest to her heart, she was first and foremost an advocate for community service in all its forms. This web site and this campaign is about encouraging people to make their neighborhoods and communities a better place. Find a place and get involved! Need help getting started?


Count Me In
Please contact us with your stories of community service or advocacy. If you are moved to action because of Jana's life and death, or committed to service by others who are motivated by Jana's legacy, please let us know.
Please provide your name, brief description of your volunteer activity or event, email, and contact information by clicking here.
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The Eleven Hundred Torches volunteer team will review your torch submission and will contact you prior to placing your torch on the website.

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Torch #423
"Forever will Jana's life story motivate me to be a better person and stand up for all those other women out there today who suffer. Her story has inspired me to get up and help" - Jayne Jansonius
Number Name Activity/Event Additional Information
1234 Aris Kelly With Jana in mind, Aris started a Women's Studies Major at St. Edwards University in - Austin, TX
1233 Brooke Taylor While volunteering at the Willow Domestic Violence Center, Brooke learned about Jana and her commitment to helping those affected by Domestic and Sexual violence. Jana's legacy influenced Brooke to adopt a platform of "Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention" As Miss Leavenworth County 2011 and Miss Hay Capital 2012. Today she continues to advocate for the prevention of dating and domestic violence to help carry on Jana's legacy - Lawrence, KS
1232 Laura Wade Knowing Jana in college inspired Laura to get more involved in women's issues. In memory of her life's work, Laura now represents victims of domestic violence on a pro bono basis in Miami-Dade County Florida.
1231 Sarah Lockwood Inspired by Jana's life of dedication to volunteerism and advocacy, Sarah plans to make awareness and prevention of violence a priority in her home community.
1230 Jack Towey "In memory of Jana (who worked with my mom@GaDuGi SafeCenter, Inc.) I asked my friends to bring non-perishable food instead of gifts to my birthday party (I turned 8!). My mom and I then donated all the food to Just Foods food pantry so that the kids in this community wouldn't be hungry." - Lawrence, KS
Daniel Mason
Craig Nations
Cody Prosser
Clinton Kershner
Derek Wallisch
Nick Budd
Derek Edwards
Jared Grauerholz
Sheridan Tompson
Adam Rusk
To honor Jana and participate in this campaign, Fraternity men from FHSU put on women's high heels and "walked a mile in her shoes". The event on March 25, 2010 was hosted as an awareness to prevent domestic violence and sexual abuse. They raised over $500 for their local domestic violence shelter - Hays, KS

Walk a Mile in her shoes
Lindsay Belmont
Alison McCourt
Shanna Jay
Maxie Fisher
To honor Jana, these four women volunteered on Jana Mackey day of Service at the Willow Center for Domestic Violence - Lawrence, KS
1215 Emily I volunteered at the Jana Mackey day in Lawrence, Kansas. We helped organized the Women's Transitional Care office building. We also wrote "thank you" letters to legislatures for their support in the efforts to prevent domestic violence in Kansas - Lawrence, KS
1214 Tisha Bieker To honor Jana, Tisha has joined Jana's Campaign as the campaigns Administrative Assistant. She does numerous things behind the scenes to make the efforts of the campaign possible - Hays, KS
1183-1213 Gabrielle Hall
Brittany Jacoley
MacKenzie Nit
Dongdong Hong
Luo Zhai (Jessie)
Ying Han (Tracy)
Wei Li
Adam Rusk
Autumn Rusk
Bryan Saindon
Ryan Edmundson
Brendon McCampbell
Riana Legleiter
Karissa Legleiter
Brooke Maier
Sabrina Brown
Jennifer Follis
Lily Butler
Yang Xu
Zhaoqi (Jill) Huang
Xuaoxza Lu (Daisy)
Rebecca Peterson
Carin Johnson
Jesse Walters
Regan Ochs
Ramin Zangench
Traci Keyser
Linda Wickham
Sarah McCartney
Whitney Liggett
On March 8th, 2010, “Jana Mackey Day in Kansas,” volunteers partnered with the Ellis County Chapter of the American Red Cross, Jana's Campaign, the Ronald McDonald House, North West Kansas Domestic Violence Shelter, and worked with residents of Good Samaritan, a local nursing home. Volunteers participated in a variety of activities to help with all of the projects. The names on the left are new Torches in this campaign - Hays, KS
1182 Caitlin Thornbrugh "I volunteered for Jana Mackey Day with Women's Transitional Care Services. I wrote letters to people in legislative offices to urge their continued support of ending violence against women." - Lawrence, KS
1181 Missi Schoen "I wanted my volunteerism to make a direct impact so I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters.  After a year long wait I was matched last month with the perfect little.  We meet weekly and I am sharing my love of sewing with her.  We are making pillow cases for the 1 million pillow case challenge together.And when she is old enough I will share Jana's story with her." - Norton, KS
1159-1180 Caitlin
In honor of Jana and her legacy, 21 girl scouts form different communities in western Kansas are dedicated to providing awareness about teen dating violence and domestic violence.

Girl Scouts
1158 Connie J. Lowrey "To honor Jana and participate in this campaign I will again serve as a Volunteer Victims Advocate for the YWCA Battered Women's Task Force here in Topeka. I was a victim of domestic violence for 27 years, I finally found the strength to leave before he killed me. I have 4 children that were effected by the violence in our home. Domestic violence continues generation to generation, we need to break the cycle now...." - Topeka, KS
1157 Jessica States In honor of Jana, I joined Handmade Especially For You, a group that knits "comfort scarves" for abused women. I wasn't a friend of Jana's, but I do remember her from school. I wasn't popular or pretty or even her acquaintance, but she would always smile at me. I'll remember her smile every time I knit a scarf and hope that what I'm doing helps fill a bit of the void left by Jana's death.
1133-1156 Kaitlyn Barten
Alayna Cates
Eva Cofran
Paige Edwards
Camden Garretson
Tamera Heaton
Crystal Hewitt
Georgia Hines
Allissa Huchin
Blake Johnson
Shylie Kiefer
Holly Mortimer
Sara Nitsch
Alicia Ptacek
Angel Reinert
Chelsie Smith
Cody Smith
Jessica Steenson
Jessica Sweeney
Tess Tanius
Haley VanAmburg
Taylor Woodall
Juanelle Garretson
In honor of Jana and three recent domestic violence fatalities from their school, this group of students from South East of Saline High School organized a week long domestic violence awareness program - Gypsum, KS

SE of Saline High School Students
1132 Dena Thomas In honor of Jana, Dena is Serving as a Peace Corps volunteer working to empower local women to improve their lives in northern Africa - Morocco
Allison Hohmann
Alexis Campbell
Taryn Brown
Jill Pokorny
In honor of Jana Mackey, Girl Scout troop 10214 will be hosting a midnight ramble for other girl scout troops in western KS. The goal of our program is to help them recognize and be able to prevent domestic violence. - Hays, KS
1127 Joline Heckman "I have been a board member & volunteer of a domestic violence prevention and advocacy group known as DoVES in my Kansas community for the last 6 years. I have suffered at the hands of an abuser and was fortunate to escape. My heart goes out to Jana and her sacrifice not in her death but in her life and how she lived it." To honor Jana and participate in this campaign, Joline is recommitting her work in the field of domestic violence. - Ulysses, KS
1126 Leanne Olsen "In Jana's honor, I've made corn bags (for comfort and heat) and donated to a local domestic violence shelter. I'm also making quilts for cancer patients" - Wichita, KS
1095-1125 Pastor Lesley and members of the Trinity Lutheran Church

A special thanks to:

Jean Binder
Cheryl Duffy
Janet Hays
Sarah Hull
Randy Schoenthaler
Anna Towns

30 members of the Trinity Lutheran Church of Hays, Kansas, (Jana’s former church) shared God’s love through action by sorting clothes for distribution to shelters, making quilts for displaced women and children and visiting with nursing home residents. “We at Trinity Lutheran Church understand our mission as being an action-based church in the community to share God’s love through word and deed.”

“We are thrilled to be the group who helped this campaign reach its goal of 1100 stories of community service. How fitting that Jana’s childhood church is the organization that put this campaign over the top.” – Hays, KS

Trinity Lutheran Church Members

Trinity Lutheran Church Members



1094 Alicia Cox To honor Jana, Alicia participated with FHSU’s panhellenic council in selling cookies to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness. “This is an issue that affects everyone, man or woman. Raising money for this cause will change someone’s life by being able to help them fight breast cancer.” - Hays, KS
1093 Matthew Blankers To participate in this campaign, Matthew is volunteering at the Headquarters Counseling Center in Lawrence. The Center provides counseling and information referral to all kinds of people in need, including domestic violence victims. "I want to say that every time I think about Jana or hear people talk about her (which is quite often) I feel a profound since of loss and sadness, as well as deep admiration for her work and for the work of her surviving family members. I am inspired by your strength and commitment to social justice. Thank you for continuing her work." - Lawrence, KS
1092 Tresa McAdams "I have never met Jana. I heard about her story through her stepsister Leanne. In Jana's memory, I commit my volunteerism at Catholic Charities Harbor House to this campaign" - Wichita, KS
1091 Stephanie Michele Mott "I am an openly transsexual woman who participated in the Vagina Monolouges in Topeka in March, 2009. I am inspired by Jana to continue endlessly with my efforts at transgender education, social justice, and an end to violence against women." - Topeka, KS
1090 Amber Versola "I volunteered as part of the Kansas Democratic Party's call for a day of service. The event that I volunteered for was a fundraiser for GaDuGi, the center that Jana was involved in. While I never had the honor of meeting Jana, I feel forever greatful to her for the services that she rendered to women in need. And I am also so incredibly greatful to Curt and Christie for helping to make this world a better place." - Shawnee, KS
1089 Mike Engel To honor Jana, MIke is committed to help children with their reading skills, perhaps those in high-risk situations or who are getting lost in the system. "If it helps them become more educated about their world, I think they'll be able to make it a better place overall. Additionally, I'd like to help kids who have been victims of violence in the home and to stop the pattern right there." - Lawrence, KS
1088 Maggie Bundy Hart To participate in this campaign, Maggie has been involved in planning and implementing activities for both children and teens at her local church - Stillwater, OK
1087 Danielle Meyeres "I have just been accepted into the training program to be a volunteer for Headquarters Counseling Center. I will serve a minimum of 300 hours over the next year in honor of my girl, Jana" - Lawrence, KS
Gayle Johnson
Rick Johnson
"My husband and I were two of the 1100 + people at Jana's memorial and touched by my cousin's (Curt Brungardt) call for help. We have (adopted) a middleage man who has Parkinsons and no family in town. We are always there for him whenever he needs help with anything. This can mean rides to doctor appointments, trips out of town, picking up dry cleaning, bringing milk and homemade goodies to him, and taking him to movies or out to eat. We have gained more from this friendship than he ever will. It is truly rewarding being there for someone that is too proud to ask for help, but knows he can count on us." - Stillwater, OK
Holly Hart
Anthony Hart
"We have joined "NILMDTS". "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" is an organization dedicated to photographing and providing keepsake images to families who lose a baby. It's a remembrance of a life that is a part of a family. Participants are on call to respond to family needs. Google "NILMDTS" website to hear the touching stories of precious souls who are sharing heaven with Jana. Thanks for letting us share!" - Stillwater, OK
1082 Courtney Johnson "When my grandparents told me of a little boy without winter clothing near Christmas time, I thought about what Jana would do. I was able to get his clothing sizes, and address. I went shopping for winter clothing and toys, and sent them from Santa." - Tulsa, OK
1081 Michelle Flax In honor of Jana, Michelle, the owner of the Bildshon Haus and the Bildson Baby in Hays, held a clothing drive in conjunction with their children's style show - Hays, KS
Teresa Ellis
Penny Bingham
Susan Shipman
In honor of Jana, These women have volunteered their time to work with their local domestic violence center - Farmingon, NM
Mary Jo Remmett
Jerri Moore
Jo Ann Juno
Betty Fowles
Catherine Herrman
Carol DeKant
LeAnn Scott
To honor Jana, these women provided a substantial amount of food items to the Emmaus House in Garden City. The Emmaus House serves as a homless shelter that is ran by volunteers from around the area and is dependent on the food and money doenations it recieves - Garden City, KS
1070 Attorney General
Robert T. Stephan
"As Chair of the Governor's Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board I along with other members of the board regret the untimely death of Jana as a result of domestic violence. Her work to promote the rights of women and to assist victims of domestic violence will inspire me to do what I can to find ways to prevent domestic violence" - Overland Park, KS
1069 Juliann Cosgriff Inspired by Jana, Julliann was able to leave an abusive relationship and she now works to help other women and prevent domestic violence - Hays, KS
1068 Debra Prideaux "Your precious daughter, Jana, has touched me in more ways than I ever thought possible. I think of her often and the conversations we had as our paths crossed in Topeka during legislative sessions. I made the determination following Jana's unfortunate death that I could make a difference in other people's lives. Today, I am one of the newest members of the Northwest Kansas Domestic and Sexual Violence Services, Inc Board of Directors. Whether through my action or words, other lives will be impacted for the better. May Jana's spirit live on forever" - Hays, KS
1067 Jena Ernsting In honor of Jana, Girl Scout Troop 10214 is holding a Midnight Ramble in January of 2010 titled "R.E.S.P.E.C.T." involving Girl Scouts from all of Western Kansas. Our troop will lead this event in hopes of helping young ladies learn to prevent domestic violence in their own lives - Hays, KS
1066 Sharon Brungardt To honor her beautiful granddaughter, Sharon is committing her work at the homeless shelter on behalf of Jana - Garden City, KS
1065 Jenny "Dear Kelli (a dear friend of Jana), I spent some time thinking about Jana over the fourth of July weekend. I remember very clearly speaking with you on the phone when I was at the Iron Mountain fourth of July parade last year. Being the dynamic and STRONG person that she was, her memory does not seem to fade, even for someone like me who did not know her very well. In any case, I made an appointment the other day to meet with the volunteer coordinator at a place called womenspace here in Eugene, which offers legal and other kinds of assistance to women dealing with domestic violence. I had been mulling over my options for volunteer opportunities, and upon thinking about Jana (both her work and the tragedy of her death), I realized: this is it. I felt convicted that that's where my service should be, and it's due in no small part to your friend Jana. Just wanted to share this with you!" - Eugene, OR
1064 Laura Watkins "Jana inspired me to pursue work in the non-profit field. In her honor, I worked at a breast cancer organization providing support to breast cancer patients and now work for a non-profit organization that provides support for local farmers and educates the public on the importance of local, sustainable food. I think about her every day." - Chicago, IL
1063 Ellen Hansen To honor Jana, Ellen is committing her advocacy work to changing laws in the state of Nebraska that will benefit the state's social workers and their clients - Lincoln, Nebraska
1062 Tamara Quinby "Jana was the best and to honor her not only do I think of her but I do what I can when I can to pledge my time for her. This past year I have been making contributions to food banks, giving clothes to donation organizations, and making contributions. The most important thing to me that I've done though is to share Jana's story with others because she truly was the best!" - Hays, KS
1061 Traci Konrade "Every year in my hometown of Spearville, KS the Pride Committee holds a city-wide garage sale. The clothing after the sales is usually just thrown away. In honor of Jana, I organized for the people wanting to get rid of their extra clothes to donate them. I drove around and picked all of the clothes up and will be donating them to domestic violence shelters" - Spearville, KS
1060 Vanessa To honor Jana Vanessa is serving as a volunteer at her local Planned Parenthood and is teaching pottery classes to people of all ages - Eureka, CA
Cindy Cooper
Crista-Marie Jackson
Carl H. Jaynes
Francesca Mantani Arkus
J.P. Schneider
City-as-School students
Jennifer Clark
Claudia Schneider
And other volunteers
On April 23, 2009, Words of Choice presented a performance in New York to benefit the Activist Council of New York City. "We presented Jana's beautiful words about activism and women's rights within the play, put up a display about Jana and 1100 Torches, and described Jana and Jana's Call to Action at length in a discussion following the performance. We asked others to sign on and join the campaign." - New York, NY
1051 Candice Irwin To honor Jana, Candice is volunteering with the local RCMP as a victim's service advocate. This organization works with victims of violent crimes. Most of Candice's work focuses on domestic violence victims and she "wants nothing more than to be part of a movement that will help these women" - Alberta, Canada
1050 Darrell Hamlin To honor Jana and participate in this campaign, Darrell is collaborating with Christie and Curt Brungardt (Jana’s mother and stepfather) to write a manuscript about Jana’s life and her legacy. Darrell hopes that once published, this book will motivate thousands of people to serve others and also bring important public awareness to the issues of domestic violence.

This book will include segments about Jana’s advocacy work, how family and friends have turned this tragedy into action, and concludes with personal stories of 1100 torches. Darrell wants others to join him and add their touch to this site by helping him gather stories of Jana and her legacy. Please see this link to help - Hays, KS
Cathie Klein
Topeka Seaman High School Freshmen

Topeka Seaman

"I have also tried to honor Jana's life by answering the call to service with my position at Seaman Freshman Center in Topeka. With the inception of a new school, it gave me the opportunity to implement new ideas and start new traditions. The following is what I would like to submit to 1100 Torches, as we try and carry Jana's cry for service and instill those values in the young men and women that pass through our hallways."

The Seaman high school Freshman Center in Topeka, KS, has answered Jana’s call to service, as an initiative to instill the importance of service in one’s community. During the Spring 2009 semester, the 310 freshman students were required to serve 10 hours of service to their community. Students volunteered at the Special Olympics, Capper Foundation, Topeka Rescue Mission, Helping Hands Humane Society, elementary school carnivals, local church sponsored activities, Arthritis Foundation Walk, YMCA, local youth sport activities, and helping neighbors in need. The call to service will continue with each freshman class that passes through its hallways, and challenges other freshman students to pick up a torch and join the movement in making a difference in our world - Topeka, KS
738 Elaine Fellenstein In honor of Jana, Elaine volunteered her time to plant flowers in "Jana's Butterfly Garden" in the courtyard of the United Way building - Lawrence, KS
737 Tammy Bohn To honor Jana, Tammy promoted and raised needed funding for the 1100 Torches campaign at the Women's May Day Celebration - Arcadia, KS
Gwyn Maximov
TMP-M High School students & faculty


TMP-M High School Logo

A special thanks to:

Kim Schmidtberger
Gini Augustine
Juleen Stecklein
Gloria Pfannenstiel
Mary Jane Schroeder
Eloise Lang
Eva Mao
Shaunna Ruder

"For the past 2 years, a part of my job at TMP-M has been to organized an all-school service day—a concept that is not foreign to many communities nationally and an activity that is taught in many university leadership courses. Here at TMP-M, individual students are required to generate 20 hours of service each semester within the community, school and church, a principle and something our school values very highly. However, as many people know when something is made a requirement, very often people will go through the motions and put in the least effort.

This year we upped the ante or better described by one of my students who coined our motto—S.T.E.P. up—we took our service learning day to a new level of Striving To Encourage People. Our goal is to renew the understanding of service, create a sense of inspiration and enthusiasm and generate new acts of service.

On April 20, 2009, with twenty-six projects in the community and six school projects, the entire student body and faculty participated in a variety of activities that included cleaning, landscaping and yard work, painting, reading to children, crafts, singing and games, thank you card writing, office work and poster hanging—events that touched organizations, businesses and individual citizens. Planning the day gave me the opportunity to delegate jobs to students in my leadership class that helped in the organizing of the day as well as provided students and faculty with an experience of three hours of service within the community.

Inspiring others and seeing the joy and appreciation of those that benefit from a service act is the creation of a little miracle. I am honored to know about 1100 Torches and to participate in the ignition of being pro-active." (51-266 /100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS

TMP-M Students





520 Judy Xu This is my first time this school semester to live in the United States. As a resident student at TMP I signed up to work at the St. Joseph’s food pantry, an experience that is unique and an opportunity I would not have had in China. (50/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
519 Allison Marsell I volunteered at the St. Joseph’s food pantry to pack and carry out boxes of food to people’s cars who are less fortunate then myself. I chose to volunteer here because I like directly helping out people in my community. (49/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
518 Andrew Heimann To honor Jana "I decided to coach flag football because they needed coaches. Yes, my schedule is busy, but I wanted those kids to be able to play. It is important to me to pass my love of sports on to younger kids and I enjoy seeing them succeed and have fun." (48/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
517 Ashley Zimmerman I donated food to St. Joseph’s food pantry. I like knowing that by doing do this I am providing essentials to those who are less fortunate then myself. (47/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
516 Sacred Heart Grade School The students in grade 1-3 and 4-6 have been taking turns singing at mass for the local nursing home. At each of the masses students take art items to hand out to the residents. (46/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
515 Sacred Heart Grade School Sacred Heart Grade School students with the cooperation of the Home and School Organization sponsored a dinner and activity night for the senior citizen complexes in town. This was great fun for that participated in this special event. (45/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
514 Brent Goertzen To honor Jana, the Department of Leadership Studies at FHSU spent part of Wednesday evening May 6th with residents at Sterling House assisted living center. They visited and played Bingo with residents. Previous Torches Dawne Leiker, Brett Whitaker, and Jill Arensdorf joined Brent and participated in the evening's activities - Hays, KS
513 Laura Foss The students, staff, and community members of Sacred Heart Grade School collected over 250 pairs of shoes to donate to , “ Souls for Soles.” These shoes were shipped out to help those who have lost everything in floods or other devastating events. (44/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
512 Fr. Fred Gatschet To participate in this campaign, Fr. Fred has submitted his advocacy work as his torch. Fr. Fred is a Roman Catholic Priest at TMP-M high school. "I made a You Tube video explaining the dishonesty and unconstitutional nature of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). I chose this service as a response to the damage to our society by the radical feminist agenda and its insistence on abortion without restrictions or accountability." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnZiCFjWgQw - Hays, KS
Alesha Doan
KU Students



To honor Jana and participate in this campaign, Alesha has integrated a service-learning component into her Political Science course at the University of Kansas. In her class Politics of Reproductive Policy, students are encouraged to find a place in the Lawrence area to provide community service.

"This spring semester 2009 I have been teaching a course, the Politics of Reproductive Policy. Inspired by Jana, I decided to bring back a service learning component in my class. I provided students with the option of working in the community with a women's rights related group or completing a paper. Out of the 24 students enrolled in the course, 20 of them opted to complete a community project (I required 25 hours of service in their choice of organizations over the course of the semester). This has been the most rewarding teaching semester I have had the honor of experiencing at KU. My students' experiences and willingness to become involved has been inspiring and I credit this chain of events to your daughter's legacy. I will be making this a permanent aspect of my Reproductive Policy course and every time I teach it I am going to include Jana's story in my syllabus so that my students will continue to be inspired by your daughter as well. Thank you so much for so generously sharing your daughter's life with so many of us.

I also want to thank you and Curt for being an inspiration to all of us as well. We have learned about grace, dignity, humility and commitment through the two of you. I admire you more than I could possibly convey through an email and I want you to know that it has been a great honor to work with both of you" - Lawrence, KS
Gail Agrawal
Gail James
Hannah Britton
Wendy Rohleder-Sook
Katie Bray
John Beck
Michelle Smith
Jennifer Ananda
To honor Jana, a group of KU students and faculty formed a working committee to establish the "Jana Mackey Distinguished Lecture Series." Kim Gandy, President of NOW was the first speaker on April 15, 2009. The names to the left are new torches - Lawrence, KS
481 KU's Women's and Gender Studies Program In honor of Jana, KU's Women's and Gender Studies Program brought to campus Rickie Solinger as the Verne Wagner Lecture speaker. She spoke to a large group of students and faculty about women's issues important to Jana - Lawrence, KS
480 Kim Gandy Kim Gandy, the President of the National Organization for Women, served as the first speaker of KU's Jana Mackey Distinguished Lecture Series. Kim called on the 400 in attendance to "follow in Jana's footsteps and work to make social change." - Lawrence, KS
479 Michelle McCormick "I have been a DV advocate for 11 yrs, first as a volunteer and later as a paid advocate. I currently am the coordinator for batterer intervention programs for the Office of the Attorney General, and I will always, ALWAYS remember Jana and others in my work! Though I never knew Jana, I recognize that I AM Jana, we all are Jana, and as Dr. King said many years ago, an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. I dedicate this year to the injustices of victimization." - Topeka, KS
475-478 Emily Schechinger In many communities the elderly are sometimes the forgotten. "Myself and three other friends combined our efforts to create and delivered St. Patricks Day cards with Irish blessing to the Good Samaritans of Hays Kansas. This was a huge success and very much appreciated by the residents. This particular project was something that did not take a large amount of time to prepare, but in the end resulted in an elderly resident to feel they are appreciated and loved by others in the community." - Hays, KS
474 Chelsee Blau To honor Jana, Chelsee will start volunteering to assist children at a local after school program - Hays, KS
473 Cheryl Glassman Every year at TMP-M high school is active in supporting the Kansas Special Olympics. To honor Jana, Cheryl lead a group of students and faculty to work at this year's Special Olympics event. (43/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
472 Mrs. Rachel Wentling For a number of years TMP-M STUCO has sponsored an annual blood drive because they know that it is both a simple and a powerful way to serve their community and they have been committed to providing the opportunity to students, faculty, family and the Hays community to get involved in a very important act of service. Every year the students set a goal to reach so many pints of blood. This year the goal was 100 and the final number was 124 pints. The students that prepared and worked the blood drive, the first-time blood donors, and the numerous participants that have donated throughout the years understand the importance of such a life-saving service. Mrs. Rachel Wentling is the STUCO sponsor and the behind the scenes leadership that has made for a successful event. Thank you for everyone’s help! (42/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
Payne Reif
Sammie Pfeifer
Adam Nietling
Stephanie Schmeidler
In February, there was a Kansas Youth Book Drive asking for used children’s picture books that would then be sent to children in Liberia, Africa, through the organization Trees for Life Students from TMP-M were the acting liaisons for the book drive in the Hays community, promoting, collecting, packing and shipping the books off. (40/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
Heidi Fieler
Paula Flesher
Keith Gustin
Shane Gottschalk
Since 1994, millions of dollars have been raised in pennies by more than 10 million elementary, middle and high school students throughout the country. The TMP-M Executive STUCO Officers took on this project once again and successfully encouraged the school community, collecting over $4,000 during a three-week period to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (36/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
Mrs. Patricia Gottschalk
Mark Wasinger
Taryn Kippes
Shayla Gottschalk
Jessa Stramel
Christy Moeder
A number of members from the Ambassador Club at TMP-M dedicated time to helping and working with Special Olympics Basketball tournament (32/100 Torches TMP-M) -Hays, KS
Dylan Eller
Jin Young Lee
Joe Lee
Jason Mayers
Zilin Xie

To promote service within the community Hays, KS and support the inspiring movement of 1100 Torches, the Leadership and Spirituality class at TMP-M has started a school-wide movement to promote expansion and growth within the school's current acts of service. The class has created an initiative called S.T.E.P.--Striving To Encourage People. With a legacy of a school 100 yrs old, the students have committed to encouraging 100 torch-worthy acts of service that will be generated by the student body, faculty and families. (26/100 Torches TMP-M) -Hays, KS
Leadership and Spirityality class at TMP
451 Hannah Keil Hannah has committed to working with the youth of the Jr. CYO group at St. Nick's Parish. She recognizes the value of helping others as well as what it means personally. (17/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
450 Carol Hackerott To honor Jana, Carol participated in FHSU's Vagina Monologues and was a presenter at this years Kansas Women's Leadership Conference - Hays, KS
449 Kathryn Wagoner Kathryn is happy to join this campaign by continuing her important volunteer work with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Kathryn also participates in school related service activities (16/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
448 Jana Slansky To participate in the 1100 Torches campaign, Jana is supporting and volunteering at the Jennings United Methodist Church as well as the Stockton Senior Center (15/100 Torches TMP-M) - Stockton, KS
447 Karla Stecklein To honor Jana, Karla assisted and supported the Kansas Clothes Drive for Women which was associated with the Kansas Women's Leadership Conference “Service is important in all aspects of life. We need to share what we have with others and be willing to help because some day one of us or someone we love may be in that position and will need help.” (14/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
446 Jaclyn Feldt To participate in this campaign, Jaclyn will continue her support and sponsorship of teams for the Special Olympics “Seeing the joy that comes from each of the athletes when they compete brings a peace to me every time I participate.” (13/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
445 Stephanie Kramer Stephanie carries a torch on behalf of Alpha Gamma Delta in hopes to end abuse and violence against women and to help carry on Jana's legacy. "We participated and contributed to 'Walk a Mile in Her Shoes' and the Kansas Clothes Drive for Women. As a member and leader of this group of women I sincerely hope that our work and bringing awareness pays off and that women everywhere can be safe or get the help they need. God bless." - Hays, KS
Sara Lynn
Kayla Hern
Chelsie Blair
Grace Finney
Aubrea Winter
Jannifier Skaggs
Evan Schultz
Chance Hobrock
Karen Sierer
Jessica Swager
Fawn Kidder
Rachael Smith
Talisha Krason
Kirsten Lilak
Amanda Herrman
Nicole Moore
Ashley VanEaton
Kathryn Wagner
In honor of Jana, the students from FHSU's Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Zeta, and Alpha Gamma Rho houses volunteered to serve as the local workforce for the Kansas Clothes Drive for Women. New and gently used clothes from around the midwest was collected then distributed to the Family Crisis Service (Garden City), GaDuGi Safecenter (Lawrence), and Dress for Success (Wichita). The names to the left are new torches - Hays, KS


Clothing Drive Helpers

425 Emily Shoemaker In honor of Jana, Emily commits to volunteering in her community and carries a torch for all those in need - Hays, KS
424 Ashley Czarniecki To promote and support 1100 Torches Ashley has participated in FHSU's Vagina Monologues and along with her sorority has participated in the Kansas Clothes Drive for Women - Hays, KS
423 Jayne Jansonius Through her sorority Alpha Gamma Delta, Jayne is carrying a torch by volunteering where she can to help fight abuse among women. "Forever will Jana's life story motivate me to be a better person and stand up for all those other women out there today who suffer. Her story has inspired me to get up and help" - Hays, KS
Marcus Bean
Kyle Haas
Charles Keefer
Chris Jones
Justin Kirby
Britton Horton
Teryl Blair
Lee Farris
Drew McNutt
Austin Eickhoff
David Klaus
Brandon Kotschwar
Josh Taylor
Aaron Ladd
To honor Jana and participate in this campaign, 14 Fraternity men from FHSU put on women's high heels and "walked a mile in her shoes". The event on March 26, 2009 was hosted as an awareness to prevent domestic violence and sexual abuse. The activity also raised money for the local Planned Parenthood - Hays, KS
Guys in High heels
408 Haley Richards Haley is committed more then ever to continue as a sexual assault survivor advocate volunteer at Colorado State University and Fort Collins. She also uses every opportunity as an instructor to bring in voices from underrepresented population - Fort Collins, Co
407 Sandy McKenzie Sandy has produced a painting entitled "Finding the Center: A Torch for Jana" that will be donated to the KU's Women-in-Law 2009 Pub Night Auction. Proceeds will benefit a local charity and the KU Law School Jana Mackey Public Advocacy Fund - Lawrence, KS
406 Marleah Augustine In honor of Jana, Marleah performed in FHSU's production of the Vagina Monologues, which raised money for the local women's shelter. She believes that small steps can make a difference and strives to promote awareness about women's issues on a daily basis - Ellis, KS
405 Lydia Weed To honor Jana, Lydia has participated in this year's Vagina Monologues and has wrote an article about Jana for her campus newspaper. Lydia hopes to bring awareness about domestic violence and to help women become stronger and more independent - Hays, KS
404 Lisa Scheve To honor Jana, Lisa is leading an effort at Sunflower Bank to raise money and collect clothing from her peers for the Kansas Clothing Drive for Women - Hays, KS

Kansas Rep. Barbara Ballard
Kansas Rep. Paul Davis
Kansas Rep. Eber Phelps
On the floor of the Kansas House of Representatives, Representatives Ballard, Davis and Phelps honored Jana Mackey by presenting her family with an official certificate. They also called on their peers to join them and participate in the 1100 Torches campaign and set aside time to volunteer and serve others - Topeka, KS
400 Chandra Daffer In honor of Jana, Chandra is recruiting college students from two universities to participate in this campaign. Most recently she has students helping with the Kansas Clothes Drive for Women - Hays, KS
Ann Weltmer
Jonathan Kealing
Jerimy Sutton
Kate Heinen
Dianne Olcott
Angie Gislar
Drake Brungardt
Krista Gampper
Eva Vlach
Jim Sheridan
Sarah Terwelp
Jennifer Wilson
Marci Nielsen
Shelley Clark
Erica Washburn
Fritz Menninger
Trust Marshall
Lisa Parr
Phil Hood
Michaela Washburn
Margaret Nielsen
Mary Jo Nielsen
On March 8th, “Jana Mackey Day in Kansas,” 31 volunteers from Lawrence, Kansas partnered with the Women’s Transitional Care Services in a day of service to honor Jana. The Women’s Transitional Care Services provides services to aid victims of domestic violence in the Lawrence area. On this day, volunteers helped with storm recovery efforts at WTCS facilities, and conducted a letter writing campaign, where volunteers wrote letters to local political leaders to ask for their financial support of domestic violence victims. In addition, volunteers posted public relations materials around Lawrence about the different services that WTCS provides and other volunteers prepared care packages for young victims of domestic violence that come to the center. The names on the left are new Torches in this campaign – Lawrence, KS



Heather Miller
Kevin James
Gerry Heil
Chelsea Wirtz
Karen Dougherty
Alexis Inlow
Maddie Holub
Darrin Wellbrock
Valerie Harris
Allison Schley
Kaitlin Roemer
Gena Myers
Amanda McIlnay
Kassidy Stecklin
Amy Jensen
Whitney Miller
Kathy Taylor
Robyn Karlin
Casey McAvoy
Rachel Jacobs
Rebecca Pray
Jillian Tatum
Emily Elsasser
Melia Korbe
Kelli Caspers
Bethany Drees
Jenna Lang
Jana Jordan
Mike Arensdorf
Emilie Taylor
Desirae Karlin
Shely Snider
Bryan Saindon
Christina Schmid
Samantha Butler
Sue Boldra
Alex Eaton
Hallie McMillen
Hayden Schnuerle
Anna Zimbelman
Dylan Lang
Beth Channell
Dawn Gabel
Alan Gabel
Ernestine Thorne
On March 8th, “Jana Mackey Day in Kansas,” 50 volunteers partnered with the Ellis County Chapter of the American Red Cross. At the Red Cross office the volunteers started compiling a resource scrapbook, stuffed envelopes and flyers on behalf of Red Cross Month. As another promotion of Red Cross month, some volunteers chalked “red crosses” on the sidewalks in front of local businesses, and other volunteers cleaned up the KDOT building, which houses Red Cross’s supplies.

Volunteers also worked with the Northwest Kansas Domestic and Sexual Violence Services, where they repaired and painted rooms in the office building. Volunteers visited two senior centers, Alterra Sterling House and The Good Samaritan Society. At these two locations volunteers participated in a wide variety of activities including painting fingernails, chatting with the residents, playing cards, playing trivia games, going on walks, and watching movies. The volunteers were able to clean trash out of the Chetolha flood draw for the Parks Department in Hays. The names on the left are new Torches in this campaign – Hays, KS




332 Christina Juarez To honor Jana, Christina will continue to dedicate her time and energy to empowering women and young girls, as a Vagina Warrior. She has participated in the monologues for the past 5 years and plans on being a part of the movement for many years to come - Topeka, KS
331 Claire Bohm In honoring Jana, Claire a sophomore at TMP High School, has inspired her classmates and her school to participate in this campaign. Claire has joined other students in the Leadership and Spirituality class to encourage all their peers to provide volunteer services in their local community (1/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
330 Rose Arnold In honoring Jana, Rose had Curt and Christie Brungardt speak at her Death and Dying class at FHSU and encouraged the students to serve others and participate in this campaign - Hays, KS
Melanie Jenney
Liz Hicks
Gina Austin-Fresh
Linda Joslin
Peg Vines
The Wichita Chapter of NOW is dedicating our Women's History Month event to Jana's memory. Women's History Mystery II will be March 15, 2009, at Cabaret OldTown in Wichita, KS. The program will include historical information about the people who have sought equality for women and honor people from our community who continue to work for social justice. Jana played a role (literally and figuratively!) in past Women's History celebrations and we know she'll be with us in spirit again this year as we invoke her determination to create a better world for us all. We light this torch for Jana and hope it fans the flames of activism for many others - Wichita, KS


Kansas Senator Janis Lee
Kansas Senator Marci Francisco
Kansas Senators Lee and Francisco have joined the campaign by sponsoring a resolution on the floor of the Kansas Senate asking their fellow senators and the general public to join them in recognizing Jana Mackey Day (March 8) and to serve others in their communities. The senators also used this opportunity to talk about the important issue of domestic violence in our state and encouraged others to take action - Topeka, KS
322 Shala Mills Moved by Jana's own work in Kansas Democratic Party, Shala will increase her participation in the KDP. As a tribute to her willingness to answer the call, Shala has accepted a call to serve on the party's 1st District by-laws committee - Hays, KS
321 Claudine Drombrowski Claudine has been very active in the fight against domestic violence and sexual assault. To honor Jana, Claudine has created a YouTube video about Jana that reminds all of us to continue our efforts to prevent violence against women - Topeka, KS
320 Karla Wilson Karla is a woman who has lived through domestic abuse and knows this issue personally. To honor Jana, Karla is recommitting her efforts as a Logan County board member to do what she can to prevent and reduce domestic violence - Winona, KS
319 Olivia Kemp Olivia is currently a VISTA volunteer for the Battered Women's Task Force at the YWCA. As a daughter of a survivor and a survivor herself and in honor of Jana, Olivia is committed to educating everyone she knows about domestic violence - Topeka, KS
318 Liz Stuewe As a fellow former member of the KU Commission on the Status of Women, Liz is inspired by Jana's life to continue to support women's rights issues and to pursue a law degree. Liz is currently serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA working at a non-profit which helps move women towards financial independence through a variety of services - Great Falls, MT
317 Jessica Mortinger In honor of Jana, Jessica is committed to volunteering with a girl scout troupe of 9th grade girls. Jessica met Jana when she was in ninth grade, and she can relate to the importance of an older role model. Jessica can not wait to share her passion for life! - Lawrence, KS
316 Michelle Ireton To honor Jana and be part of this campaign, Michelle participated in her local Vagina Monologues production to raise awareness of women's issues - Hays, KS
315 Kansas Governor
Kathleen Sebelius
To honor Jana, Governor Sebelius is proclaiming March 8, 2009 International Women's day as Jana Mackey Day in Kansas. She called on all Kansans to join her and set aside time on this day to volunteer - Topeka, KS
314 Mandy Shriwise To participate in this campaign, Mandy will work through KU's Center for Community Outreach to recruit college student volunteers to participate in the International Women's/Jana Mackey Day of Service with the Women's Transitional Care Services - Lawrence, KS
313 Kayla Kaundart Kayla is committed to volunteering and helping the cause of reducing sexual assault and all violence against women. She has also participated as a cast member in the Vagina Monologues recently - Hays, KS
312 Kelli Brandt To honor her close friend Jana, Kelli has been helping a woman who is dealing with serious domestic violence issues in her life. Kelli has vowed to never remain silent again and will continue to share Jana's story to others - Lawrence, KS
311 Suzanne Klaus To honor Jana's life, Suzanne will continue to encourage open, honest communication between young couples. Also, Suzanne plans continued support through church activities and work to promote high moral and ethical behaviors among all people with whom she comes in contact - Hays, KS
310 Michaela Carter To honor Jana and two personal friends who have been victims of sexual assault, Michaela will be participating in the cast of the Vagina Monologues at Washburn University - Topeka, KS
Chelsey Gillogly
Erin Frownfelter
Kera Nuckolls
Sam Montoia
Chelsey Rose
Kelsey Torrez
Bekka Belau
These college students served as volunteers with 1100 Torches and the FHSU Vagina Monologues to recruit other volunteers to work with the Ellis Co. Chapter of American Red Cross on International Women's/Jana Mackey Day of Service - Hays, KS
302 Brooke Kaundart Brooke is committed to helping 1100 Torches be successful. This includes volunteering and serving as a role model for others. She is also working with other web sites to spread the word about Jana's legacy - Smith Center, KS
301 Hayley Charles Hayley has been inspired by Jana's story and is committed to helping bring and participate in Vagina Monologues productions - Hays, KS
300 Mandy Charles To honor Jana, Mandy is committed to adding a domestic and sexual violence section to her science curriculum at Great Bend High School were she teaches. - Great Bend, KS
299 Juliene Maska In honor of Jana and all who suffer from the horrible crime of domestic violence, Juliene is working with the Kansas Legislature to change domestic violence laws. Working with the Governor's office she is proposing new legislation that will help law enforcement agencies and the courts better track domestic violence offenders. - Topeka, KS
298 Sharon Sullivan To participate in this campaign, Sharon is taking part in the Vagina Monologues at Washburn University. The cast dedicates the performance to Jana in the hope of empowering others to continue her work through out their local community - Topeka, KS
297 Brett Whitaker To honor Jana, Brett has joined the Board of Directors and is serving as a volunteer for FHSU's Protestant Campus Center (PCC). Brett is committed to helping PCC make a difference in the lives of college students - Hays, KS
296 Sarah Miller To participate in this campaign, Sarah has volunteered to be part of a community team "Up 'til Dawn" to raise money and awareness for St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis - Hays, KS
295 Mia Mia is proud to carry a torch for Jana working with the Women's Clinic and a inner city community garden in Ohio. Through these programs Mia is mentoring young girls. "I know Jana would be so proud of me as I was proud of her. I miss her smile and her passion. I must carry them on" - Toledo, OH
294 Mary Karlin To participate in this campaign, Mary is spending valuable time assisting a friend who is raising an autistic child - Hays, KS
293 Johnny Merrill Johnny recently started working with a non-profit called Stand for Children, which advocates for better schools and school funding. Johnny knew Jana from their work together on Congresswoman Boyda's campaign and he recalls Jana's incredible spirit and leadership - Portland, OR
292 Stephanie Cosgriff To honor Jana and the noble causes she stood for, Stephanie is making a concerted effort to raise her two young sons in Jana's image. She wants her boys to "always treat people with dignity no matter who they are, and to always have the utmost respect for women" - Lawrence, KS
291 Lyndon Cosgriff Lyndon is a 7 year-old boy from Lawrence, KS, is just now learning about community service. To participate in this campaign, Lyndon has help provide needed food to the homeless in his community - Lawrence, KS
290 Matt Peters Matt has joined Jana's family and the 1100 Torches team by serving as the webmaster for the National Campaign - Hays, KS


Bryan Luttrell

The following torch is so powerful that the volunteer staff of Eleven Hundred Torches has decided to print it in its entirety:

My torch is with the kids. I started volunteering as a freshman football coach around the time of Jana's murder. My original mission at first was to teach the kids to always think (about everything) and to have fun playing a game by not taking it too seriously. I think kids, and adults, need this balance in sports and in many forms of entertainment. As a society, we are fixated on athletes and thus, a large number of kids really push themselves to satisfy that fixation, whether it's theirs, their parents, etc.

However, when Jana passed, volunteering became something more. I thought more and more about her fight for fairness and equality for all. Mainly, I thought of her fight against violence, because it was a product of this violent society that took her; a beautiful non-conformist in the truest and most tolerant sense. I now look at my coaching opportunity as one to address this violence among the young men that I mentor. In fact, the love for violence is duly noted, and admired in football, which contributes to many problems in the kid's lives. We all know this, but do we know how many of these kids grow up to be abusive/violent? Because of Jana, I've realized that I need to stand against that mentality, especially in an inner-city school where many kids are faced with violence within their lives and not just on the football field.

Additionally, I will soon mentor a young man in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program and have thought extensively about switching careers as a result of these experiences. I truly enjoy working with the kids, to remedy the root cause of the problems that created our causes. We do it for the cause because Jana did. I really hope this organization produces 1100 fighters, in the most pacifistic sense, to lead our society away from the darkness it's been headed for - Seattle, WA

288 Kathy Rose-Mockery To carry Jana's advocacy work forward, Kathy Rose-Mockery is leading a team of KU students and faculty in the development of the Jana Mackey Lecture Series. The purpose of this educational program is to bring national speakers to campus that will encourage and initiate important discussions on women's rights issues - Lawrence, KS
287 Riley Paradise To honor Jana and to participate in the 1100 Torches Campaign, Riley (a nine year old boy) is using his birthday money to buy his brother the same toys he received "so he will be happy too" - Lawrence, KS
286 Alex Musgrove Alex will be conducting a community-wide clothes drive in honor of Jana's work at GaDuGi Safe Center. The clothes she collects will be distributed to different Crisis Centers across the state - Hugoton, KS
285 Sandie Guthrie To Honor Jana and participate in the 1100 Torches campaign, Sandie has provided financial resources to help offset educational costs for local school children in need. In addition to this gesture, Sandy is working with her local Wal-mart store and recruiting employees to participate in the 1100 Torches Campaign - Hays, KS
284 Jennifer Follis Jennifer assisted a small group of college students who created and implemented the first ever Community Basketball Tournament to raise funds for the Northwest Kansas Domestic and Sexual Violence Services - Hays, KS
283 Jackie Grey Jackie assisted a small group of college students who created and implemented the first ever Community Basketball Tournament to raise funds for the Northwest Kansas Domestic and Sexual Violence Services - Hays, KS
Kennedy Hansen
Chris Blake
Zeke Adair
Ross Benisch
A small group of FHSU college students created and implemented the first ever Community Basketball Tournament to raise funds for the Northwest Kansas Domestic and Sexual Violence Services - Hays, KS
278 Annie Keuther As a Kansas state legislator, Annie worked closely with Jana on issues that they both cared deeply about. To honor Jana, Annie is recommitting her efforts to continue to fight for women's rights in Kansas - Topeka, KS
277 Lisa Colwell To honor Jana, Lisa organized 71 Hays High School National Honor Society students to commit volunteer service on behalf of Jana. Please see the next torch for more details - Hays, KS
206-276 Hays High School National Honor Society Jana was a member of the Hays High School National Honor Society and to honor her memory the 71 members of this year's HHS National Honor Society are dedicating to Jana the 580 hours of community service that they performed the fall semester of 2008. The students demonstrated service and leadership at events such as: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Kids Vote, Youth Friends, volunteering at churches and nursing homes, collecting canned goods for the Community Assistance Center, volunteering at the Ellis County Food Bank, donating blood, tutoring, providing after school care, ringing bells for the Salvation Army and many, many more good deeds in our Hays community - Hays, KS
205 Abby Westfall-Allender Jana has inspired Abby to create a new program/website that helps generate funds for 1100 Torches and other like non-profits.  Abby's activities also help link potential advocates with causes and organizations - Washington D.C.
204 Nikki Mahoney In honor of Jana, Nikki is serving as a videographer and taping 1100 Torches events and stories in the hope of motivating many others to service - Lawrence, KS
203 Sara Brungardt In addition to working on the 1100 Torches campaign team, Jana's step-sister is volunteering with young children as part of the 2009 MLK activities - Hays, KS
202 Ceanna Ceanna volunteered at a 3 on 3 basketball tournament which was a fundraiser for the Northwest Kansas Domestic and Sexual Violence Services - Hays, KS
201 LeAnn Pidcock To honor Jana, the Pidcock family is working with underprivileged children by providing them food for the holiday season. Other volunteer activities also include Toys for Tots, participation in a food drive, and they have adopted a local family in need - Denver, CO
200 Steve Pidcock To honor Jana, the Pidcock family is working with underprivileged children by providing them food for the holiday season. Other volunteer activities also include Toys for Tots, participation in a food drive, and they have adopted a local family in need - Denver, CO
199 Daniel Schamle Daniel has chosen to serve as a volunteer suicide counselor at the Headquarters Counseling Center to honor Jana's life - Lawrence, KS
198 Kim In honor of Jana, Kim will continue to fight and rise above her own domestic abuse. She will finish her book on the topic which relates her story in hope it will serve as a testimony for others to continue the fight.
197 Maggie Koerth Jana inspired Maggie to be a bolder and more courageous person. To honor her, Maggie is volunteering with Discovery Leadership, a YMCA after school program for at-risk preteen girls - Minneapolis, MN
119-196 Kennedy Middle School
7th Grade Class
To Honor Jana, Sarah Bohm organized 78 students from four different classes at Kennedy Middle School in Hays, KS to provide community service. Each young person was matched with a senior citizen from either St. John's Retirement Home or the Good Samaritan Center. During the week of December 15-19 all the students provided a small gift and spent valuable time with their new friend. These students learned about the importance of giving back and community service through this new program - Hays, KS
118 Renee Hanson Renee will be volunteering for Easter Seals Central Texas, which helps low-income individuals with disabilities, and their families -Austin, Texas
117 Marc M. Mitchell Marc is founding S. Nik's Outpost, an organization to help the victim's of America's failed social institutions. The Outpost provides the resources for victims to be matched with trained volunteers who will offer a helping hand when no one else will - Lawrence, KS
116 Emily Hampton Inspired by Jana, Emily has committed one year of service to VISTA (Volunteer in service to America) with the Roger Hill Volunteer Center - Lawrence, KS
115 Joyce Hutter Joyce is organizing a women's clothing drive in her home town. These clothes will be distributed in shelters in Garden City, Wichita, and Lawrence Kansas - Council Grove, KS
114 Diane Bolton In addition to her mission work in Haiti, Diane plans to begin work with a new program in that country that focuses on Women's health issues - Haiti
113 Hilah Hilah was deeply moved by Jana's death, even though she never met her. As a victim of sexual assault, Hilah is now committed to helping other victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.
112 Cari Jo Base To honor Jana, her aunt Cari Jo will work with "Main Place Youth" which is a home for young girls who have been through a very rough time. Cari Jo will donate time, supplies, support, and anything that can make a difference in these girls lives - Kingman, KS
111 Amy Schaffer To honor Jana, Amy will work with victims of Domestic Violence to obtain the resources they need in order to be safe - Hays, KS
110 Claudia Schneider In honor of Jana and 1100 Torches, Claudia and her friend, Mary, are providing needed resources and food to their local food pantry in Harlem. - New York, NY
109 Mary Pannel In support of 1100 Torches campaign, Mary plans to assist her friend, Claudia, in provided needed resources and food to her local food pantry in Harlem. - New York, NY
108 Rebecca Hapke Motivated by Jana's legacy, Rebecca plans to volunteer her time in breast cancer research. - Lawrence, KS
107 Cali Nossaman Cali plans to do advocacy work and volunteerism in the area of animal rights. - Lawrence, KS
106 Keeja Andrews To honor Jana, Keeja plans on volunteering at her local VA hospital and work directly with homeless vets on issues of housing and other related issues - Lawrence, KS
105 Julia Patrick Julia has committed to volunteering with the MILK (Mentors in the Lives of Kids) Program - Lawrence, KS
104 Gretchen Gier Gretchen has committed to volunteering with the MILK (Mentors in the Lives of Kids) Program - Lawrence, KS
103 Therese Schroer Therese has committed to volunteering with the MILK (Mentors in the Lives of Kids) Program - Lawrence, KS
102 Ruben Noguera Ruben volunteered with the 1100 Torches Campaign Kickoff event. He also worked with the Obama campaign by registering voters in KC neighborhoods. In addition, Ruben plans to volunteer at the MILK (Mentors in the Lives of Kids) Holiday Party in Lawrence, KS
101 John Reeves John has committed to volunteering with the MILK (Mentors in the Lives of Kids) Program - Lawrence, KS
100 Alexa Redford Alexa has committed to volunteering with the MILK (Mentors in the Lives of Kids) Program - Lawrence, KS
099 Erika Noguera Erika will mentor and be a youth advocate through the LNESC program for Latinos and youth of all ethnicities in NE KC. She will also work as a community organizer for a non-profit in KC focused on affordable housing and community development - Kansas City, MO
098 Benjamin Miller-Coleman Benjamin will continue the work of the Public Interest Law Society that Jana was going to lead with him this year. This organization held a casino night fundraiser in Jana's honor and raised $2,300 for her Support of Public Advocacy Fund - Lawrence, KS
097 Sonja Kramer Sonja worked with the KU Women in Law to organize their annual WTCS donation drive, and also involved other KU campus organizations to join efforts and make the event bigger. She has also encouraged her friends and family to volunteer with various organizations - Lawrence, KS
096 Valerie Miller-Coleman Valerie will work with a program to provide emergency shelter for homeless families - Lawrence, KS
095 Jana Budde Though she had never met Jana Mackey, Jana Budde is inspired by the work she did. As a tribute to Jana Mackey, Jana is recommitting to her volunteer work at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank - Pittsburgh, PA
094 Duc Du Vue In carrying Jana's torch, Duc has been a part of the committee for the 1100 Torches Campaign Kickoff Event, and will work in the future with the Humane Society and Special Olympics - Lawrence, KS
093 Cathie McLeod To carry Cathie's torch for Jana, she is helping with the 1100 Torches kickoff event, as well as working with the Douglas County Humane Society and volunteering to give horseback riding lessons for the United States Pony Club - Lawrence, KS
092 Kara Thomas Kara will volunteer to read library books to children in daycare centers. Once a month, she will read a selection of stories to children (ages 3-5) and encourage them to visit the library - Olathe, KS
091 KU Student Bar Association The Student Bar Association at KU Law School dedicated the proceeds from Race Ipsa, the annual 5K run/walk, to the Jana Mackey Support for Public Advocacy Fund. The event raised about $250 in honor of Jana. Countless members from their organization were inspired by Jana, and they were proud to support her continued legacy - Lawrence, KS
090 Pat Watkins Pat will recommit to his work as a youth soccer coach in the Lawrence community. He will also work with the KU Student Bar Association at the law school. Part of their mission is to assist student groups with their charity programming and activities - Lawrence, KS
089 K.C. Rock the Vote As both RtV coordinators knew and were inspired by Jana, the 2008 election season's voter registration was dedicated to her memory. We sought to register and activate those young voters who felt marginalized and disenfranchised. More than 500 new voters were registered and 25+ new volunteers entered into community service! - Kansas City, MO
088 Cathy Spicer Inspired by her niece, Jana Mackey, Cathy looked around her local community to find the greatest need. As a result, she made a substantial financial commitment to the South Barber Co. Food Bank, which is currently critically under supplied - Hazelton, KS
087 Shannon Hilding After spending the summer with Jana as a student intern for the Defender Project and learning of her many advocacy efforts, Shannon has initiated the process to become a volunteer for Newhouse Shelter so that she can assist victims of domestic violence - Lawrence, KS
086 Jean Rosenthal In Jana's memory, Jean recommits to her work at the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence. Jean also thanks the domestic and sexual assault advocates for the work they do everyday to provide safety and justice for survivors - Lawrence, KS
085 Debbie McLeod As her husband, Brad, recovers from a traumatic brain injury, Debbie has decided that she wants to serve as an advocate for victims of head injuries as they recover - particularly for those families who have no idea of where to turn for the needed assistance - Lenexa, KS
084 Brad McLeod As a result of his own traumatic brain injury, Brad would like to help others whom have experienced brain injuries understand that there is life and hope following a brain injury occurrence - Lenexa, KS
083 Miriam Lee In Jana's memory, Miriam has decided to continue her volunteer efforts with the Women's Transitional Care Services - Lawrence, KS
082 Sarah Trowbridge-Alford Sarah will volunteer with Family Promise in honor of Jana. Family Promise provides free, temporary housing to homeless families to allow them safety, stability, and support while they get back on their feet financially and emotionally - Lawrence, KS
081 Dawne Leiker Inspired by Jana, Dawne will begin working with the local Community Connections program which helps international students gain a sense of family in the Hays community - Hays, KS
080 Bonnie Boryca Bonnie participated in the WOW run which raises money for the Women's Transitional Care Shelter. She has also been donating diapers to this organization. She plans to continue this work in Jana's honor as she begins her legal career - Lawrence, KS
079 Laura Kozak Laura is volunteering at the Women’s Transitional Care Services in honor of Jana. She is also serving KU as a board member of the Commission on the Status of Women while she majors in Social Welfare with hopes to work in inner city neighborhoods’ revitalization efforts. – Lawrence, KS Link
078 Michelle Blasdel To carry on Jana’s torch, Michelle is spending a great amount of time volunteering promoting the election of candidates at the District Attorney level that will prosecute fairly in sexual assault and domestic violence cases. – Topeka, KS
077 Sonya Navarro Sonya met Jana at an interview to become an advocate for GaDuGi. She continues to serve as an advocate supporting victims of sexual violence and she thinks of Jana's compassion and strong will to help others and uses it as inspiration. – Lawrence, KS Link
076 Betsy Merwald In the spirit of Jana's commitment to volunteerism, Betsy has decided to volunteer at the Red Cross Medical Center - Olathe, KS Link
075 Naomi Muha Thanks to Jana, Naomi has recommitted herself to continue her work with TLC for Children and Families. Using Jana's spirit Naomi will volunteer and organize an annual event, the Rockabilly Prom, to raise money and awareness for TLC - Olathe, KS. Link
074 Jodi Steltz Inspired by Jana's call to help others, Jodi continues to assist disadvantaged individuals across several Kansas counties who have become unemployed. She also recently helped a dear friend find treatment for his addiction. - Hays, KS
073 Peter Nye Peter has committed himself to volunteering in the Lawrence, Kansas area. His recent volunteerism includes fundraising efforts for the 1100 Torches National Campaign - Lawrence, KS.
072 Kate Kimball Through her dedication, vision and strength, Jana showed Kate the kind of woman that Kate aspires to be. Kate is carrying on Jana's torch by volunteering at the Safehome. - Kansas City, KS Link
071 Tanner Willbanks Having been inspired by Jana since their meeting in their freshman year of high school, Tanner has furthered his involvement to honor Jana in KU's Commission on the Status of Women. He will be working for equality and reproductive rights. - Lawrence, KS Link
070 Julie Henley Through the inspiration found in her niece, Jana, Julie has been inspired to start volunteering at her local family crisis center. She has also enrolled in a self-defense class where she will learn more about domestic violence threats and how to defer them. - Farmington, NM
069 Travis Mackey Inspired by Jana's volunteering spirit, Jana's brother Travis volunteered at the Operation Support Our Soldiers project in which 1000 holiday packages were assembled to be mailed to soldiers in the war. - Hays, KS
068 Aleska Kelly In honor of Jana, Aleska helped box 1100 holiday care packages on National Make a Difference Day to be shipped to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. - Hays, KS  
067 Alyssa Swartz Alyssa worked with her friend Aleska as they helped many other volunteers assemble 1000 holiday care packages which will be sent to specific soldiers in the war on terror. - Hays, KS  
066 Sarah Bohm To honor Jana's belief in the power of volunteerism, Sarah volunteered on National Make a Difference Day with Operation Support Our Soldiers. Many volunteers worked together to pack 1000 holiday care packages for soldiers in the war. - Hays, KS
065 Alexis Bohm Alexis is a 5 year old who volunteered with her mom on National Make a Difference Day as 1000 holiday care packages were assembled to be mailed to soldiers in the war. - Hays, KS  
064 Brandon Clark Brandon is proud to honor Jana's memory by monetarily contributing to NOW and other causes Jana would support. He is also telling other women about his friend, Jana Mackey, and reminding them to carry protection or take self-defense classes. - KS
063 Vanessa Hays Vanessa, a social welfare graduate student, plans to carry on her torch by working with LGBTIQ teens. She currently addresses issues at the Domestic Violence Shelter in Lawrence where she plans to continue he advocacy for domestic violence victims. - Lawrence, KS  
062 Jennifer Amrein Jennifer is working with Girl Scouts to help develop girls of courage, confidence, and character and with the inspiration of Jana's life she has become a Court Appointed Special Advocate. In CASA has the opportunity to speak on behalf of the child's interest in court. - Victoria, KS
061 Adrienne E. Strecker, Esq. Since meeting in the 4th grade Adrienne and Jana were friends and fellow advocates. After learning more of Jana's great works at her funeral Adrienne was inspired to do more. She began the process of becoming a volunteer at the Hope House. - Overland Park, KS
060 Monica Kelly In addition to interning in social services at Phoenix Head Start, Monica has joined the group Young Democrats in effort to campaign for legislators. She is also advocating through Equality Arizona and has donated and volunteered for the Obama campaign. - Phoenix, AZ
059 Autumn McPherson With Jana's help, Autumn found the inspiration to move beyond an abusive relationship in her own life. In Jana's honor, Autumn is getting involved with NOW and will remember Jana as she becomes a midwife to empower women and take action in sexuality education and human rights. - Lawrence, KS
058 Leor Shapiro Jana encouraged Leor to believe even stronger in the goodness of mankind. Her inspiration led him to volunteer on a council in efforts to help refugees in Darfur. To date, over 20 teenagers have been assisted in getting out of a Darfur camp. - Israel  
057 Katherine Mestas Katherine will volunteer with other students in the Law School at Kansas University to organize the local Special Olympics in the spring. - Lawrence, KS
056 Senator Laura Kelly Senator Kelly will carry on Jana's torch by winning the re-election to the Kansas Senate. She will filter issues brought before the legislature through a Jana Mackey lens. She will ask herself "What would Jana do?" as she debates human rights policies. - Topeka, KS
055 Jennifer Berry In addition to continuing her commitment with Big Brothers, Big Sisters Jennifer is helping with planning and organizing of the 1100 Torches Benefit (November 13 in Lawrence, KS). She is also assisting in fundraising for the 1100 Torches national campaign. - Lawrence, KS  
054 Becky Wallace Through the inspiration her daughter Dana has found in Jana's life, Becky has re-connected with the Garden City Crisis Center. In honor of Jana and Dana, Becky is gathering needed supplies for the families that visit the Crisis Center. - Syracuse, KS  
053 G. S. Jana's life, and death, helped renew this torch's commitment to their work with LINK, Habitat for Humanity, Amnesty International, Lawrence Coalition for the Homeless, and political campaigns. - Lawrence, KS
052 Shawna Smith A close friend of Jana's, Shawna was greatly impacted by Jana's life and death. In addition to raising funds for local charities, she has decided to become an on-scene rape crisis advocate for the Mid Way House. - Bloomington, IN
051 Jennifer Rogers Jennifer has joined Curt Brungardt, Hanna Spicer, and Mark Russell in providing research that will eventually lead to the development of an institution for women's rights in Jana's name. - Hays, KS  
050 Congressman Jerry Moran In remembrance of Jana, Kansas Congressman Jerry Moran spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives on October 2, 2008 calling for Congress to support domestic violence prevention and victim service programs. - Washington, DC
049 Susan Hill To honor Jana, Susan will become a temporary foster parent for children needing transitional housing. – Wichita, KS
048 LeAnn Brown LeAnn has developed a curriculum that will be taught at her local church called Work Ready in honor of Jana.  In partnership with other churches, this program will assist the areas low-income population in career success. - Newberg, OR  
047 Marla Patrick In addition to being the state coordinator for Kansas NOW, Marla is working hard to register voters in the up coming election. She is also working with a local college to improve their procedures for reporting and handling of sexual assaults. - Linsborg, KS
046 Dana Watts In honor of Jana, Dana has been very active in volunteering in her community. Her activities include working with the Women's Transitional Care Services of Douglas County, The Muslim Student Association Fast-A-Thon, Make a Difference Day, the 1100 Torches kick-off event, and also did a volunteer internship in Israel over the winter break helping organize a paper on equal employment for Arab-Israelis - Lawrence, KS
045 Mark Russell Mark has joined Jana's stepfather Curt Brungardt in the development of a comprehensive women's institute on behalf of Jana. This institute will focus on basic women's and human rights. Mark's research will evaluate various women's programs in Southeast Texas. "To learn more about violence against women, I've made a monetary donation to the Houston Area Women's Center (www.hawc.org) and ordered 'Walking the Walk: A Sexual Violence Awareness Exercise.' Developed and written by HAWC staff, this exercise is designed to allow participants to experience the issues and emotions survivors of sexual violence face each day." - Houston, TX
044 Sylvia Russell In honor of Jana, Sylvia will continue and enhance her support of the Planned Parenthood of Houston, Texas. She is also helping plan and provide resources for landscaping the garden at the new Planned Parenthood facility in Houston. This will be done in Jana's name. - Houston, TX
043 Stephanie Mott Stephanie is assisting the 1100 Torches volunteer team with the Campaign Kick-off Events scheduled for November 13 in Lawrence. She is coordinating the event activities. - Lawrence, KS  
042 Becky Harpstrite Becky is donating her time as a graphic designer in developing materials for the 1100 Torches Campaign Kick-off event. Her printed materials will serve to market the event throughout northeast Kansas. - Lawrence, KS  
041 Christie Brungardt In honor of her daughter, Christie Brungardt will enhance the Kansas Women's Leadership Conference by adding a community service component to the 2009 Conference. Participants will be asked to bring new or gently used clothing items to be donated to various social service organizations throughout the state whom provide services for women. - Hays, KS
040 Craig Gunther In 2004 Craig worked along side Jana in Nancy Boyda's congressional campaign. In honor of her legacy he has promised to work hard to elect democratic candidates at both the national and local level. - Lawrence, KS  
039 Rindi Zimmerman Inspired by Jana's life, Rindi has committed herself to social change. She resigned from a paid position to serve as a staff and administrative assistant to the 1100 Torches Campaign. Through her efforts, many ordinary citizens will answer Jana's call. - Hays, KS  
038 Katie Stucky Katie has become a Big Brothers, Big Sisters volunteer in the Bigs in Schools program. She will be mentoring youth in the Manhattan area through a weekly lunch meeting at a local elementary school. - Manhattan, KS
037 Kari Ann Rinker In addition to helping many first-time voters in getting registered to vote, Kari has taken a great leap to follow her passion in NOW. Being inspired by Jana's work as a NOW lobbyist, this single mom is leaving her salaried position to work as a lobbyist for NOW. - Wichita, KS
036 Kelley Parker Kelley recently started the process of going through volunteer training at a women's shelter in Colorado Springs so she can become one of their regular volunteers. - Colorado Springs, CO  
035 Teresa Loffer In keeping with many of Jana's passions, Teresa is the editor of the KS NOW newsletter and women's rights activist. She also serves as a volunteer educator for the EMS and is a disability advocate. - Lindsborg, KS
034 Cindy Cooper Cindy will do two benefit performances of Words of Choice in Kansas to help raise funds for the 1100 Torches Campaign in honor of Jana. - New York, NY
033 Ellen Sward Professor Sward, one of Jana's favorite professors, hosted a gathering where financial donations were committed to either Jana's KU public advocacy fund at KU Law, or the Women's Transitional Care Services. To date, over $1300 has been raised as a result. - Lawrence, KS  
032 Gail Bass Gail is organizing the "Nebraska Clothes Drive in Tribute to Jana Mackey." Gail is calling on friends and family to donate their gently used clothes to the GaDuGi Safe Center for victims of sexual assault, a cause Jana was intensely passionate about. - McCook, NE
031 Cathy Eaton Jana inspired Cathy to keep up the fight. Cathy often gets discouraged in her work as a domestic violence prosecutor, but Jana has re ignited Cathy's passion and commitment to continue her work to help women. - Kansas City, KS  
030 Naomi Durant Naomi will donate, in Jana's name, materials on domestic violence and violence against women to the student counseling services at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. All resources will include information on Jana and her life. - Lindsborg, KS  
029 Samantha Snyder In Jana's honor, Samantha has agreed to be the Reproductive Justice Coordinator for KU's Commission on the Status of Women. Prior to Jana's death, Sam had declined this request. Upon hearing the call to action at Jana's funeral, Sam reconsidered and accepted the position.
- Lawrence, KS
028 Elizabeth Hein Elizabeth has committed to working with the "Save the T" initiative. Elizabeth realizes that there are many underrepresented groups in Lawrence who depend on public transit for their daily lives. She will serve on the fundraising committee. - Lawrence, KS
027 Bev Stafford Bev will be making hats that will be given to cancer treatment patients who have lost their hair after receiving chemotherapy. These hats will be donated in honor of her parents and Jana to a cancer center. - Pueblo, CO  
026 Hanna Spicer In memory of Jana, Hanna has committed to sponsor a 2 year old girl in Sri Lanka through World Vision. Hanna's commitment over the next 16 years will ensure that this child has proper health care, education, and nutrition for her and her family. - Wichita, KS
025 Kathy Olcott To honor Jana, 13 year old Kathy Olcott is becoming an advocate for domestic violence and sexual assault prevention. She has encouraged her local Junior High School to provide information about this important issue to fellow students. - Lawrence, KS  
024 Layne Stafford Layne will be working with his brother and sister, Lance Stafford and Jill Arensdorf, to write Jana's theme song which will be used in conjunction with the 1100 Torches Campaign. - Manhattan, KS  
023 Lance Stafford Lance will be working with his brother and sister, Layne Stafford and Jill Arensdorf, to write Jana's theme song to be used with the 1100 Torches Campaign. - Manhattan, KS  
022 Emily Schechinger Emily is working with First Call for Help (volunteer center) and is volunteering in many areas within her community. Currently, she has assisted with Meals on Wheels and a local animal shelter. - Hays, KS
021 Sonja Racquel Rodriguez Heath Shortly after Jana's memorial service, Sonja and friends began Project Resistance. Project Resistance works to eradicate violence motivated by bias against individuals' actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. - Lawrence, KS
020 Sarah Ann Elizabeth Homan Sarah will be volunteering with Obama's Missouri and Kansas campaigns. She stated, "I'll be thinking of Jana all the way to the Whitehouse!" - Stillwell, KS
019 Kim Sevedge In honor of Jana, Kim will be working with recycling sorting centers in Kansas City. In addition to helping sort reusable resources she will educate others about helping others on the merits of reducing, recycling, and reusing. - Overland Park, KS  
018 Patrick Beane Patrick is a civil engineer and responsible for finding environmentally friendly ways to dispose of wastewater. He will volunteer his time and skills to help ensure there is adequate drinking water in developing countries. - Olathe, KS  
017 Tracy Benbrook Tracy has volunteered to assist with a book drive and food drive in Olathe. Books and food will be collected for area youth (aged infant to high school). In addition Tracy has agreed to assist in meetings with elementary students to educate them about volunteerism and ways to get involved. - Olathe, KS  
016 Jarett Beane Jarett is a 4 year old volunteering with service soldiers at his elementary school. In Jana's honor, Jarett will be collecting food from his neighborhood for a food drive in Olathe food will be donated to the Salvation Army of Olathe. - Olathe, KS  
015 Curt Brungardt In addition to his involvement in the 1100 torches campaign, Jana's Stepdad is currently developing an institute for women's rights that will focus on important issues for the state of Kansas. - Hays, KS  
014 Tyra Patterson Tyra will provide basic assistance to underprivileged youth. - Harper County, KS  
013 Joyce Grover Over the past 25 years Joyce has worked with women and children that have been victims of domestic and sexual violence with the Kansas Center Against Sexual and Domestic Violence. In honor of Jana and other victims, Joyce will double her efforts in this cause. - Topeka, KS  
012 Justin Greenleaf Justin has volunteered numerous hours to the 1100 Torches campaign by donating his time to develop the Eleven Hundred Torches website. - Wichita, KS  
011 Stacy Ward Stacy will be coordinating the Vagina Monologues - a nationwide campaign to stop violence against women - on the FHSU campus in the spring of 2009. - Fort Hays State University - Hays, KS  
010 Kaylene Gabel Kaylene volunteered countless hours to the 1100 Torches campaign by donating her time as a professional graphic designer. - Hays, KS  
009 Judi Lewis Judi is assisting young victims of domestic violence in the school district in which she teaches. - Harper County, KS  
008 Shannon McDonald As a professional artist, Shannon contributed to the 1100 Torches campaign by donating an original drawing of Jana to be used in web and print materials. - Kansas City, KS  
007 Bill Perkins Bill is offering scholarships to any woman (with need) who wants to take the R.A.D (Rape Aggression Defense) class. Scholarships are in honor of Jana. - Lawrence, KS  
006 Jill Arensdorf Jill has been knitting scarves for the My Pink Scarf project through the Hays Medical Center. These pink scarves go to women who are going through cancer treatment at Hays Medical Center - Hays, KS
005 Women's Transitional Center This organization is collaborating with Sarah Jane Russell from the GaDuGi SafeCenter to create a nature memorial to Jana in the courtyard of the United Way Human Services Center of Douglas County as they build the "Jana Mackey Butterfly Garden." - Lawrence, KS
004 Sarah Jane Russell Sarah Jane is creating "Wisdom for the Ages" an intergenerational/intercultural Activism Group with the goal to build respect for the cultural and generational variations on ways that people serve and effect change. - Lawrence, KS  
003 Molly Murphy This artist had a special exhibit where 50% of the proceeds went to the GaDuGi Safe Center (sexual assault prevention and treatment center). - Lawrence, KS
002 Dawn Billinger Working through her company, Platform Advertising, of Kansas City, Dawn organized a "Domestic Violence Awareness Day" on August 21, 2008. The proceeds of the event went to the Jana Mackey Support for Public Advocacy Fund at the University of Kansas Law School. - Overland Park, KS
001 Laurie Sevedge-Beane On behalf of Jana, Laurie has decided to serve as a volunteer for Girls Inc. This organization helps develop strong independent girls and works to reduce racism and promote equality. Laurie is also an active member on the Eleven Hundred Torches Volunteer Campaign Team. - Olathe, KS

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