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Tributes to Jana - Page Two

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So eloquent. So charming. So motivated…This planet has lost one of the most talented and multi-faceted people of our time.” 

-Sadie Robb

“The world lost a great woman today. Never was there a more caring, more compassionate, more brilliant, and hilarious woman with each of those qualities and more all wrapped into the heart of one activist.”

-Sarah Burris

“Jana was strongly committed to social justice, and in her memory, we hope to inspire others to share her cause.”

-Gail Agrawal,
KU Law School Dean

“Advocates are people who are on call 24/7…They do the front-line work with victims; they’re the ones who have heart.  It takes a heart, and it takes being “honey on steel”, and Jana had that…she had everything, and above all she had compassion for others.”

-Sarah Jane Russell

“Jana Mackey was to the United States and Kansas Constitutions as light is to stained glass.  She was intelligent, strong and a courageous advocate, fearless in her pursuit of freedom, justice and equality for all.  Jana took the lofty principles found in our constitutions and worked hard to insure their protection and application.  She was a remarkable young woman.”

– Pedro Luis Irigonegaray,
Human rights lawyer

“To a sister of the cause who was taken much too soon.  We did not know you, did not laugh with you, cry with you, sit with you, dine with you; yet we are still somehow connected in our passion, our humanity, and our empathy and we truly love you.”

– Amy Sejfolla

“Jana was like the middle piece to the puzzle.  She pulled everything together; she made things complete.”

– Sadie Robb

“I feel the need to honor Jana’s work and passion.  She was truly an inspiration.”

– Gianna DeCarlo

“I wish Jana could see the legacy of inspiration she left.”

–Heidi Mehl

“I imagine creating a ‘run or walk’ that would take place in Lawrence on the 4th of July weekend in memory of Jana with the proceeds donated to a victims’ advocacy fund.  I’m willing to work and keep Jana’s life in our thoughts and minds.”

-Susan Sanders

“Jana Lynne Mackey was one of those people who truly believed that the world can be made a better place. That can be dangerous work and she showed great courage by even taking on her anti-violence activism.

-Bob Simpson

“I never met Jana, but like her, I am also a feminist activist and a law student. I am angry that her life was taken away from her, but am grateful for the work she did for all of us by standing up for equality.”

-Dia Montgomery

“My heart goes out to everyone who had the opportunity to know such a wonderful genuine human being.”

-Madhu Singh

“To have known Jana, was to be around a person with an infectious and vibrant [personality. You couldn’t help but want to laugh with her or learn from her. She has made an impact on so many people and her memory will live through us all!”

-Chandra Daffer

“Jana was the kind of woman whose intellect could baffle those around her. Jana was the kind of person that pushed a smile onto the faces of her friends no matter how hard one tried to fight it. Jana was, and in my mind, what always will be, a person whose creativity was a part of the synergy that made Hashinger Hall a beautiful place to grow.”

-J. Reins Robertson

“Jana was an inspiration to all of us, to fight for the rights of others and to enjoy life in its entirety. I will work to raise my children the same.”


“If she had been able to live longer I’m sure she would have made a big difference in the world. But since she can’t, I will try.”

-Kathy Olcott

“I admire you for your heart and passion. You were an angel to me. I look at all this a though you were a martyr.”

-Tamara Quinby

 “The world has lost a shining star.”


“She will be missed and ADORED, but will live on through everybody that knew her, within the collective power she believed in. While we are all shocked by this tragic event, let us continue her causes and enjoy life the way she did.”

-Bryan Luttrell

“Your fantastic sense of humor and your endless work for change will be missed. I hope that we can accomplish the progress for which you worked so tirelessly.”

-Margaret Perkins-Mcguinness

“The memorial was a wonderful tribute to women, in keeping her spirit alive, and “pay it forward” toward the good of others.”

-Mike and Michelle Schlyer

“I am so grateful for the amazing work she did for women everywhere through NOW. I rode her bus to Washington for the March for Choice. She worked tirelessly to keep the young and tired (mostly) women together, and that was not an easy task! She worked hard at the capitol, lobbying for NOW as well. NOW owes her a lot.”

-Jennifer Scales

“I will never forget her and her cause. She was about being real and helping others. I will teach my daughter about her. I won’t forget her.”

-Lisa Rooney

“I will continue your fight for social justice. Thank you for your service and friendship to Kansas Equality Coalition.”

-Jason Chaika

“I’ve never met a more beautiful person.”

-Tricia Schroeder

“The sky is weeping over China today. Madam Li Sias International University said that she had never known any family where this had happened. In honor of Jana, in today’s class we discussed “Making Each Day Count.” Jana made a difference in her short life and each of us will continue to do our part in her memory.”

-Cindy Elliott

“Jana tirelessly worked for our women’s rights at the State House in Topeka. Jana was a very special person who had talents many of us could only hope for. We can now only imagine where her talents would have taken her. Not only have we lost a voice for women’s rights, we have lost a voice for everyone’s rights.”

-Mary Cole

“Jana was an amazing lobbyist, friend, and an unbelievable “light” in this world. The women of Kansas have suffered a huge loss.”

-Marla Patrick

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