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We did it! 1100 stories of service honoring Jana.

The Eleven Hundred Torches campaign team is happy to announce that on October 12, 2009, we have reached our initial goal of documenting 1100 stories of community service in honor of Jana. Thirty members of the Trinity Lutheran Church put us over the top. Thanks to everyone who has helped our campaign from 19 states and 3 foreign countries. More information about our next phase will be coming soon. Keep the torches coming.
Jana Mackey Day of Service set for March 7, 2010
An opportunity to volunteer in honor of Jana

1100 Torches is happy to announce a continuation of a tradition started by Governor Sebelius calling on Kansas to serve others on behalf of Jana Mackey. This year there will be two service events; one in Hays and one in Lawrence. Both events are planned for Sunday afternoon March 7. For more information see Hays, Lawrance
Curt & Christie
In July 2008, Curt and Christie Brungardt received a life-shattering phone call. Their 25-year-old daughter, Jana Mackey, a first-year University of Kansas law student, had been slain by her ex-boyfriend and found in his home. The perpetrator was arrested two days later in New Jersey and committed suicide in jail, authorities said. more
Jana's Campaign
Motivated by the 1100 Torches Campaign, family and friends have created an advocacy group for the purpose of reducing domestic violence. Currently this group is promoting new legislation in the states of Kansas and Texas.
Jana's Silhouette particpates in Silence Witness program.

The Silent Witnesses remind us that domestic violence – always harmful – is often lethal. This program honors and recognizes lives that have been loss due to domestic violence. Please view the following flyers:
Everyday Citizen
Governor Parkinson has named Caitlin Ballard and Dr. Curtis Brungardt to the Kansas Volunteer Commission. Ballard joins the commission as a member representing youth, while Dr. Brungardt will serve as a member representing higher education. more
KS Attorney General Seal
Curt and Christie Brungardt Appointed to Lead Advisory Committee

Kansas Attorney General Steve Six has appointed Curt and Christie Brungardt as co-chairs of the Kansas Domestic Violence Batterers Intervention Program Advisory Board.
Eleven Hundred Torches Book Share your stories about Jana for a book about her life and the 1100 Torches project.

Darrell Hamlin is collaborating with Christie and Curt Brungardt (Jana’s mother and stepfather) to write a manuscript about Jana’s life and her legacy.  Darrell hopes that once published, this book will motivate thousands of people to serve others and also bring important public awareness to the issues of domestic violence. To be a part of this project submit info here.
Everyday Citizen
This week marks an anniversary for me that I would much rather not be celebrating. One year ago, the activist community, the feminist community, and, most importantly to me on a selfish level, my personal community lost one of their best and brightest. more
Everyday Citizen People Carry On the Messages of Those Silenced

Finding the positive amidst tragedy is a difficult feat. When the tragedy is the murder of someone loved and admired, this difficulty often becomes insurmountable. more
LJWorld Article about Lecture Series

"Leader pays tribute to KU student" ~LJWorld.com - April 16, 2009

Jana Mackey’s mom called it the “ultimate compliment” - her daughter’s greatest role model delivering the inaugural speech in the Jana Mackey Distinguished Lecture Series. more

Kim Gandy

"KU establishes Jana Mackey Distinguished Lecture Series" ~news.ku.edu - April 2, 2009

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas has created the annual Jana Mackey Distinguished Lecture Series in memory of late women’s rights activist and KU law student Jana Lynne Mackey. more

Stop Violence

"Take Up The Song" ~now.org - July 14, 2008

In my January Below the Belt column called "Maddening Reminder," I wrote about the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and the countless forms of violence against women internationally - from acid and bride burning, to genital mutilation, to sexual slavery, murder and more. Most recently, a painful reminder has me looking closer to home. more

Kansas Women's Leadership Logo

"Kansas Clothes Drive for Women Helps those in Need"

Hays, KS – In honor of two young women who lost their lives this past year, last week’s Kansas Women’s Leadership Conference held the first ever Kansas Clothes Drive for Women. more

LJWorld Article about Jana

"Slain student’s mission shines on in volunteer service to community" ~LJWorld.com - March 9, 2009

After 25-year-old Kansas University law student Jana Mackey was found slain in her ex-boyfriend’s home last July, her parents wanted to make sure her legacy of volunteering and advocacy lived on. more

"Murdered Activist Remembered with Community Service" ~ksn.com - March 9, 2009

She was a champion of women's rights and tirelessly worked to end domestic violence. Until her life was cut short last summer after she was murdered by an ex-boyfriend. more

"KU establishes Jana Mackey Distinguished Lecture Series President of NOW to give first lecture"

LAWRENCE—The University of Kansas announces the creation of the annual Jana Mackey Distinguished Lecture Series, in memory of late women’s rights activist and KU student Jana Lynne Mackey. Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women, will give the inaugural lecture for the series on Wednesday, April 15 at 7:30 p.m. at the Dole Institute of Politics on the University of Kansas campus. more

"‘Jana Mackey Day’ set to honor legacy of slain KU law student" ~news.ku.edu - March, 4 2009

LAWRENCE — A University of Kansas law student known throughout the state for her work on women’s issues will be honored posthumously this month. more

Plymouth Church

"Why Are the Weeds Always Mixed in With the Wheat?" ~A sermon given by Rev. Peter A. Luckey - Sunday, July 20, 2008

Have you ever wished that in life you could surround yourself, your family and your loved ones with a protective bubble? more

"Remembering an Activist with Service" ~futuremajority.com - 2.26.09

I don't usually wear my feminist hat on here at FM, but March 8th is International Women's Day. Events actually occur throughout March to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women while also looking at ways we can move forward to protect women around the world who are still facing oppression. more

National Jourist Magizine

"Former Law Student's Life Lives on After Her Death" ~National Jurist Magazine - Jan. 2009

Three-point-five miles northwest of Council Grove, Kansas, there is a lake. For Curt and Christie Brungardt, it's a place of solace, reflection, old and new memories with friends and family. For their daughter Jana Mackey, it was "Jana's Kingdom." more

"KU Law Student Honored Posthumously" ~KWCH.com - 12.10.08

The Kansas Association for Justice honors a University of Kansas law student posthumously. Jana Mackey was murdered this summer. Police say she was the victim of domestic violence. more

"Torch Song, The legacy of Jana Mackey burns bright in the 1100 Torches Campaign" ~Lawrence.com - 11.10.08

A mother in Oregon is compelled for the first time to donate her services to homeless outreach. Halfway across the country in Nebraska, a woman with no particular background in community organizing spearheads a statewide clothing drive for a shelter in Kansas. more

In the News
Hays Daily News "Agency marks year of outstanding work"
- Oct. 18, 2009
LJWorld "March, vigil part of Take Back the Night"
- Sept. 14, 2009
Butterfly Garden LJWorld "Butterfly garden unveiled to honor KU student’s life"
- May, 8, 2009
WIBW "AG Six Recognizes New Domestic Violence Group"
- April 24, 2009
"Leader pays tribute to KU student"
- April 16, 2009
Hays Daily News "KU establishes Jana Mackey Distinguished Lecture Series"
- 04.14.09
"Slain student’s mission shines on in volunteer service to community"
- 03.9.09
"Murdered Activist Remembered with Community Service"
- 03.9.09
"A day to honor Jana"
- 03.9.09
"Womens' activist honored"
- 03.9.09
"‘Jana Mackey Day’ set to honor legacy of slain KU law student"
- 03.4.09
"Governor, Lawmakers Recognize Domestic Violence Victim"
- 02.27.09
"Jana Mackey Day & International Women's Day"
- 02.27.09
"Jana Mackey Day volunteer events planned on March 8"
- 02.26.09
"Remembering an Activist with Service"
- 02.26.09
"Vagina Monologues aids fight against sexual abuse"
~Hays Daily News
- 02.15.09
National Jourist Magizine "Former Law Student's Life Lives on After Her Death"
~National Jurist Magazine
- Jan. 2009
"What good may come"
- 12.12.08
"KU Law Student Honored Posthumously"
- 12.10.08
"Benefit honors slain KU student"
~ LJWorld.com
- 11.14.08
"1,100 Torches campaign close to kick-off"
~ KTKA.com
- 11.11.08
"Torch Song, The legacy of Jana Mackey burns bright in the 1100 Torches Campaign"
~ Lawrence.com
- 11.10.08
"Murder victim’s parents plan national campaign to encourage service to others"
~ LJWorld.com
- 11.07.08
"Jana Mackey is still lighting the way"
~ Awareness Blog
- 11.01.08
"Kansas Events with Words of Choice"
~Google Alert
"NOW Mourns the Passing of Two Committed Activists"
~NOW Fall Newsletter
"Recognizing October as National Domestic Violence Month"
~CSPAN - Jerry Moran
- 10.02.08
"Performance to Benefit Campaign"
~The Hays Daily News
- 09.23.08
"Friends and Family Remember"
~The University Daily Kansan
- 09.23.08
"Honoring Jana's Memory"
ryday Citizen
- 09.19.08
"Take Back the Night"
- 09.19.08
"Community Bids Farewell"
~Everyday Citizen
- 07.16.08
"Killing shows 'nobody's immune to this'"
~Kansas City Star
- 07.12.2008
Hays Daily article
- 07.09.08
The University Daily Kansan article
- 07.07.08


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