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Tributes to Jana - Page Three

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 “I am a lobbyist at the statehouse and found Jana to be an incredible person. Her smile is one for the ages. Jana Mackey always shined bright and steadily.”

-Ron Seeber

 “Jana was an amazing woman, a bright light in the feminist community and will be dearly missed by the women in Kansas who knew and appreciated her.”

-Megan Challender

 “I knew her heart and mission in life. She stood for the truth and justice and human rights and was a true treasure to all that really were blessed by her presence. I am a member of the Palm Springs, California NOW and I speak for everyone in the chapter that this beautiful soul will be missed but what she has done for all of us women will never be forgotten.”

-Linda Starr

 “I never had the opportunity to meet Jana, but I so appreciate her work on behalf of the many, many women she would never meet. She cared so much and always tried to give a voice to the voiceless. Her dedication and light to the world can never be extinguished.”

-Vicki Price

 “Jana is a martyr to the cause of rights and respect for women. Jana lives in Love and Light.”                     

                                                                    -Joan Breit

 “When I listened to the people speak at the funeral, I began to reflect on my own life and Jana’s legacy. I think Curt put it well when he said that Jana wants us to make a difference. I have not always been the most dedicated servant to civic causes. However, Jana has inspired me to think differently and take my love for leadership and apply it to causes that will create positive change for those who do not have the power to change.”        

                                                                   -Tony Andenoro

 “Jana was an extraordinary woman who impacted so many people’s lives. Life will never be the same without her bright and engaging personality, wonderful disposition, and drive and capacity for taking care of those less fortunate.”

-Debra Prideaux

 “Jana IS legendary. The world has been robbed of someone who had SO much to give the. She’s the person who I really thought I’d see in DC representing us someday. I am very dedicated to carry on her legend.”

-Teresa Loffer

 “I feel compelled to become more involved in some of the issues she campaigned for wholeheartedly, and I have an overwhelming desire to make her proud. She is, was, and will continue to be an inspiration.”

-Heidi Brown

 “Jana is one of the most AWESOME people I’ve ever met. I truly believe that our community is less of a place without her.”

-Rachel Ybarra

 “Jana was truly one of the kindest, warmest people I ever knew. She was always friendly and smiling, and could make you feel like the most important person in the world.”                    

                                                                                            -David Best

 “I grieve not only the personal loss of this bright young woman, but the loss of a young idealistic person interested in public service. Young people interested in politics and public affairs are rare indeed. Young people with her talents and intellect are rarer still.”

-Marty Keenan

“I have been working to make this a better world for all of us for a while now. Jana was a kindred spirit, and now we will have to re-double our efforts to honor her memory. As one falls, the rest must keep going to honor the commitments made by all. We move forward because we honor our commitment and our friends’ commitments too. Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” I couldn’t agree more. I see the legacy of Jana, and all of the others I’ve known over the years who didn’t get the chance to see the fruition of their work, to be just that, moving forward, always striving for the next finger hold or toehold against the tide of thuggery, of obstenance and bigotry.”


 “Jana gave a voice to those in our society who too often were ignored, victimized or even persecuted. She was deeply committed to social justice, and to the belief that equality wasn’t just a word, but something you must strive for. She advocated not for civil rights, or women’s rights, or gay rights, but for human rights-for the right of everyone to pursue life, liberty, and happiness in his or her own way.”

-Laura Kelly
Kansas Senator

“It seems to me in this time of shared witnessing and on this Beautiful day…we are being given the opportunity to stand to all that is right and good in our world because of this woman.”            

                                                                  -Sarah Jane Russell

  “Not for Jana would personal success be measured by the size of the numbers on her paycheck. Her “eyes on the prize-in-the-distance” gazed not toward Wall Street and large law firms with long names for founding partners, but to a clear we-can-do-it vision of “social justice” –for women, for gays and lesbians—for all those whose voices were too rarely heard—or listened to—in the corridors of power. Jana would make a difference, and the larger and small steps our society took toward human rights would be the measure of her success.”          

                 -Gail Agrawal,
Dean of the KU Law School

“So now, as we celebrate Jana’s life with thoughts and memories, let us truly remember her and honor her by picking up the fallen torch –that Jana has left us, and carrying her causes forward.”             

                -Laura Kelly
Kansas Senator

 “Know that no one could ever be compared to Jana, but I do wish to take my share of the 1100 torches passed along in her honor and help others light their own. “Helping others” and “Making change” take on whole new meanings.”

-Rindi Zimmerman

 “Through it all, you continued to fight for your many social causes. I may not have always agreed with the cause, but I always took great pride in your passion and courage as you fought to make the world a better place.”

-Christie Brungardt,
Jana’s mother

“Jana had a deep drive for social justice – her work over the last five years is littered with examples of her passion to make “this world a better place.” She believed so deeply about this world, this country, and this state. As a young adult, she was determined “to make a difference” in such a positive way.”

-Curt Brungardt,
Jana’s stepfather

“It seems to me…by answering the call of this question with actions that speak truth to power…and that push for change…we will honor and bear witness to the passionate life of Jana Lynne Mackey.”          

                          -Sarah Jane Russell

 “It is our hope, the family’s hope – that her life and her death are motivation for all of us to pick up her torch. That her single torch is now being passed to all of us – one torch has now turned into 1100 torches. Eleven hundred people seeking to make this world a better place – eleven hundred making a real difference.

-Curt Brungardt,
Jana’s stepfather

 “Dear Christie and Curt, I’m so glad we had a chance to talk this morning. I know Jana would be proud of what you’re doing to use this as a chance – “a window of opportunity” for good things to happen. It’s what she lived for.”

-Nancy Boyda
U.S. Congresswoman

“I promise a movement is already happening…”

-Shannon Reid

“Jana was truly one of a kind, and all of us who worked with her were part of the fan club. We are holding all who loved her in our hearts and minds and wish you peace and love.”                   

                                                                                -Kim Gandy,
NOW President

“Jana’s glow can still warm our hearts and change the world.”

-Laura Kelly
Kansas Senator

 “Jana clearly made a greater impact in her 25 years than many individuals do in a lifetime. She will be greatly missed.”       

- Jerry Moran
U.S. Congressman

 “She always made a difference and was willing to go the extra mile. She was a remarkable young woman – full of life, full of passion, a great advocate and role model.”                                                                                               

- Kathleen Sebelius
Kansas Governor

“Know that Jana’s memory will not be forgotten.”           

-Mark Parkinson,
Kansas Lieutenant Governor

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