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In Her Honor

The following programs and projects have been established in honor of Jana and her powerful legacy. 

Butterfly The GaDuGi Safe Center established the Jana L. Mackey Butterfly Garden in the Lawrence United Way Courtyard on May 7, 2009 - SEE VIDEO
Kathleen Sebelius In recognition of International Women's Day, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius proclaims March 8, 2009 as "Jana Mackey Day in Kansas" and calls on all Kansans to serve.
On March 5th & 9th, 2009, the Kansas Senate and the Kansas House of Representatives honored Jana and called on Kansans to join the 1100 Torches Campaign.
The Jana Mackey Distinguished Lecture Series has been established at KU for the purpose of bringing national speakers to campus on issues of women's rights - SEE LINK
The Kansas Clothes Drive for Women has been established in honor of Jana Mackey and Cari McGrath. Donated clothes are sent to women's organizations across Kansas - SEE LINK
WSU Center for Women's Studies and its advisory board is pleased to announce that Jana Mackey will be honored in the Wichita State University "Plaza of Heroines" by the Wichita NOW. - SEE LINK
On December 5, 2008 Jana posthumously received the Paul E. Wilson Advocacy Award from the Kansas Association for Justice -SEE LINK
On October 2nd, 2008, Congressman Jerry Moran spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives about Jana and her legacy and called on Congress to support programs and services for domestic violence victims -SEE VIDEO
The Jana Mackey Support for Public Advocacy Fund at the University of Kansas Law School is used to provide stipends to law students who work in public interest organizations. Several Jana Mackey fellows are selected each summer.
The national theatre production Words of Choice have revised their play to include a scene about Jana Mackey - (New York City) - SEE LINK
Kansas NOW has created the Jana Mackey Action Fund to provide resources for public policy and lobbying efforts with the Kansas legislature
A fund has been established in Jana’s name at the Northwest Kansas Sexual and Domestic Violence Services. These funds are used to provide needed services for victims– Hays, Kansas - SEE LINK

More About Jana

For more information about Jana, see Facebook:

Action for Jana; Action for our World
We LOVE You, Jana Lynn
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RIP Jana Mackey


Tributes to Jana - Page One

Days and weeks following Jana’s death, her family and friends began receiving notes and messages from people across the country. The campaign team believes these comments are very inspirational and felt they should be shared with all those who are interested in participating in Jana’s legacy. Below are excerpts from just a few notes.

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“It's amazing how one person can touch so many lives. You were such a bright light in this world. You will be missed.”       

- Jennifer Luck

“Through my tears at the memorial, I was so inspired to get active and do work in Jana's memory. I think this is a great place to start and get us organized! Way to go.”                                      

                                                                      –Daniel Meyeres

“Jana was an incredible woman.”        

    –Kelli Brandt

“I've never met a person more excited to experience the world or more dedicated to changing it.”     

                                       –Trish Schroeder

”Our remembrance of Jana must go beyond candles, flowers, memorials and blogs. It must be an effort to make the changes that Jana fought for. So we have the duty to become informed, to become active in our communities, state and nation. We must respond proactively to injustice. We can’t assume others will do it for us; that someone else will pick up the torch and carry it forward. Jana didn’t wait. She didn’t assume another would do the job, and she wouldn’t want us to either.”

-Laura Kelly
Kansas Senator

“I'm a better person for having you in my life. You were always standing up for everyone’s rights and making sure we knew when to laugh at ourselves.”      

-Keith Redmond

“How fitting that we should gather here on our nation's independence day to reflect on the life of a young woman who brought so many victims independence from injustice and violence.  A woman who never stopped working hard, she was a fine example and the very definition of the word hero. Jana, it’s with tear-filled eyes that I bid you a fond farewell. To quote Elton John, "your candle burned out long before your legend ever will." May her memory be eternal.”     

                     -Jeremy Basil Dannebohm

“Marching down the street in DC, lobbying for NOW in Topeka are memories I will never forget with you, Jana. What a truly powerful woman you are. Your legacy lives on in me and so many of us. Thank you for your kindness and grace.”

               Shannon Babcock

“Your fantastic sense of humor and your endless work for change will be missed. I hope that we can accomplish the progress for which you worked so tirelessly.”

–Margaret Perkins-McGuinness

“You were such an inspiration to so many. Those aren't just words. I can only hope to do as much in my life as you have done in your 25 years.” 

–Teresa Loffer

“Jana was fearless and tireless and always someone I could call when I needed a fresh perspective or advice on how to proceed in any given situation I would be struggling with. Jana kept me grounded, thinking positive, and smiling no matter the challenge facing us. Jana was always there not only for her friends like me who depended on that brilliant and "always going" mind of hers, but also always there for the women of Kansas through her volunteer work. Jana worked so hard to ensure a better future for women in Kansas....we have truly lost a champion.”

–Marla Patrick

“Thank you for all you've done for all of us.”          

–Jason Croucher

“You were a dedicated advocate for many causes and I remember when you were the lobbyist for Kansas Equality Coalition in 2006 spending many hours causing trouble up at the Capitol…Thank you for everything you did.”

-Tiffany Muller

“Jana - I miss you so much. I was reflecting on the times spent working with you - lobbying, sitting on panels together, presenting testimony, rallies - you name it. You were there, through thick and thin, working to protect and support the rights of women... You've made me, and others you touched, better people for having known you...Thank you for what you gave to this world.”            

Julie Burkhart

It is now our responsibility to carry her work forward. It doesn’t matter your politics, we can all find different ways to serve. This ceremony is not just about honoring and celebrating Jana’s life – it is also a “call to action.” On behalf of Jana, I ask you to serve. I ask you to “make a difference.” I ask you to make Jana proud, AND GO DO GREAT THINGS!”

-Curt Brungardt,
Jana’s stepfather














“Thank you, Jana, for all the work you did for the right causes! The world is dimmer today without you in it. You are missed.”        

       –Joyce Grover

 “What a horrible tragedy to a young woman who made such a positive impact on the lives of others. We need more Jana’s in this world of ours.”  

                                        –Hilary Morton

“Jean-Paul Sartre called Ernesto 'Che' Guevara "the most complete human being of our age." …I'd argue that Jana Mackey could've easily taken this title.”       

–Bryan Luttrell

“The world has lost a shining star; you had so much potential, such a positive, wonderful person. You will be missed.”        

                  -Heather Muth

“I can't recall a single moment that I knew that you weren't trying to make the world a better place for all of us. You never slowed down. You never gave up. You always had a smile on. The world is a poorer place to have lost you, my beautiful friend.”                 

                                                                                                             –Brian Thomas

“I’m sure many of us will make sure your work goes on, and you are in our hearts.”

Katrina Harris

“To me, Jana was one who had the ability to see past what many of us see on a surface level. She helped people who many deemed to be hopeless, listened to those without a voice, reached out to those who were unreachable, and showed compassion to those who were untouchable…I know that I must strive to take every morsel of regret, rage, fear, and sadness and make it into a positive. That's what Jana would do, and I challenge myself and others to do the same.”               

                                                                                    –Sadie Robb

“The last thing Jana said to me was "Keep your chin up!" I think she would want all of us to try and do the same now. Thank you for being inspiring to the world Jana.”                                                                                                             

  –Autumn McPherson

She was a very inspiring woman. One compliment I received from her by email has been in my mind for 4 years now and will continue to give me strength when I need it. A person who can unknowingly provide great inspiration to the lives of people she brushes is rare and truly precious. Her absence in this world will be missed by many.”                  

                                              –Cinnamon Cooper

“As hard as it is to imagine my own life without Jana in it, my heart aches more for a world without Jana. She was the only person I have ever known who had such an infatigueable spirit when it came to fighting the good fight for social justice and women's rights and was capable of maintaining an outrage at injustice without allowing that outrage to turn her into an angry person.”      

    -Jennifer Luck

“She truly was the best person I've had the privilege of knowing and the world is a much better place for her having been in it.”      

                –Tanner Willbanks

“You rocked this world, Jana...You were one creative, confident, crazy, committed and compassionate woman.”        

                                     –Melanie Jenney

“You left us too soon, but you also left a legacy that few of your young age could claim. We are all challenged to carry on your dedication to peace, love, and justice. Know that you are missed, and that your life made a difference.”          

  –Bill Woodward

“I met Jana in 2006 when we toured Kansas with Words of Choice and I was instantly impressed. I have used her as an example around the country of the kind of incredible, smart and passionate activist who committed to improving the lives of women…Hers is a terrible loss, but the type of life she led is a great example and it will continue to guide our efforts to reach out to women across the country.”         

-Cindy Cooper
Words of Choice

“I think it would be wonderful for someone to create another group or perhaps change the focus of this group to a place where people can post the community service or activism that they do in Jana's name. What a terrific call to duty by her stepfather, and I think there are many who would like to share what they do with her family when they do it.”    

                                                                             –Jennifer Scale

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