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Darrell Hamilin

Darrell Hamlin

To honor Jana and participate in this campaign, Darrell is collaborating with Christie and Curt Brungardt (Jana’s mother and stepfather) to write a manuscript about Jana’s life and her legacy. Darrell hopes that once published, this book will motivate thousands of people to serve others and also bring important public awareness to the issues of domestic violence.

The purpose of this book is to express the fullness of Jana’s life, her work, and her legacy of service. You can help tell Jana’s inspirational story. In the space below, please contribute narratives or anecdotes about Jana’s issue advocacy, her life in Lawrence, law school experiences, or personal memories. Since this book is also about Jana's legacy, we encourage you to share thoughts or feelings you may have about how Jana's story has touched you, even if you did not know her. Filling out the source information is critical because we may need to arrange a follow-up interview, and we cannot publish any personal remembrances without a source. If you have not yet pledged yourself to a torch project, consider helping with the book. There is a lot of work to do on this project, so indicate if you would like to be contacted for a torch commitment that can help bring this book to publication.

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