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400 Chandra Daffer In honor of Jana, Chandra is recruiting college students from two universities to participate in this campaign. Most recently she has students helping with the Kansas Clothes Drive for Women - Hays, KS
Ann Weltmer
Jonathan Kealing
Jerimy Sutton
Kate Heinen
Dianne Olcott
Angie Gislar
Drake Brungardt
Krista Gampper
Eva Vlach
Jim Sheridan
Sarah Terwelp
Jennifer Wilson
Marci Nielsen
Shelley Clark
Erica Washburn
Fritz Menninger
Trust Marshall
Lisa Parr
Phil Hood
Michaela Washburn
Margaret Nielsen
Mary Jo Nielsen
On March 8th, “Jana Mackey Day in Kansas,” 31 volunteers from Lawrence, Kansas partnered with the Women’s Transitional Care Services in a day of service to honor Jana. The Women’s Transitional Care Services provides services to aid victims of domestic violence in the Lawrence area. On this day, volunteers helped with storm recovery efforts at WTCS facilities, and conducted a letter writing campaign, where volunteers wrote letters to local political leaders to ask for their financial support of domestic violence victims. In addition, volunteers posted public relations materials around Lawrence about the different services that WTCS provides and other volunteers prepared care packages for young victims of domestic violence that come to the center. The names on the left are new Torches in this campaign – Lawrence, KS



Heather Miller
Kevin James
Gerry Heil
Chelsea Wirtz
Karen Dougherty
Alexis Inlow
Maddie Holub
Darrin Wellbrock
Valerie Harris
Allison Schley
Kaitlin Roemer
Gena Myers
Amanda McIlnay
Kassidy Stecklin
Amy Jensen
Whitney Miller
Kathy Taylor
Robyn Karlin
Casey McAvoy
Rachel Jacobs
Rebecca Pray
Jillian Tatum
Emily Elsasser
Melia Korbe
Kelli Caspers
Bethany Drees
Jenna Lang
Jana Jordan
Mike Arensdorf
Emilie Taylor
Desirae Karlin
Shely Snider
Bryan Saindon
Christina Schmid
Samantha Butler
Sue Boldra
Alex Eaton
Hallie McMillen
Hayden Schnuerle
Anna Zimbelman
Dylan Lang
Beth Channell
Dawn Gabel
Alan Gabel
Ernestine Thorne
On March 8th, “Jana Mackey Day in Kansas,” 50 volunteers partnered with the Ellis County Chapter of the American Red Cross. At the Red Cross office the volunteers started compiling a resource scrapbook, stuffed envelopes and flyers on behalf of Red Cross Month. As another promotion of Red Cross month, some volunteers chalked “red crosses” on the sidewalks in front of local businesses, and other volunteers cleaned up the KDOT building, which houses Red Cross’s supplies.

Volunteers also worked with the Northwest Kansas Domestic and Sexual Violence Services, where they repaired and painted rooms in the office building. Volunteers visited two senior centers, Alterra Sterling House and The Good Samaritan Society. At these two locations volunteers participated in a wide variety of activities including painting fingernails, chatting with the residents, playing cards, playing trivia games, going on walks, and watching movies. The volunteers were able to clean trash out of the Chetolha flood draw for the Parks Department in Hays. The names on the left are new Torches in this campaign – Hays, KS




332 Christina Juarez To honor Jana, Christina will continue to dedicate her time and energy to empowering women and young girls, as a Vagina Warrior. She has participated in the monologues for the past 5 years and plans on being a part of the movement for many years to come - Topeka, KS
331 Claire Bohm In honoring Jana, Claire a sophomore at TMP High School, has inspired her classmates and her school to participate in this campaign. Claire has joined other students in the Leadership and Spirituality class to encourage all their peers to provide volunteer services in their local community (1/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
330 Rose Arnold In honoring Jana, Rose had Curt and Christie Brungardt speak at her Death and Dying class at FHSU and encouraged the students to serve others and participate in this campaign - Hays, KS
Melanie Jenney
Liz Hicks
Gina Austin-Fresh
Linda Joslin
Peg Vines
The Wichita Chapter of NOW is dedicating our Women's History Month event to Jana's memory. Women's History Mystery II will be March 15, 2009, at Cabaret OldTown in Wichita, KS. The program will include historical information about the people who have sought equality for women and honor people from our community who continue to work for social justice. Jana played a role (literally and figuratively!) in past Women's History celebrations and we know she'll be with us in spirit again this year as we invoke her determination to create a better world for us all. We light this torch for Jana and hope it fans the flames of activism for many others - Wichita, KS


Kansas Senator Janis Lee
Kansas Senator Marci Francisco
Kansas Senators Lee and Francisco have joined the campaign by sponsoring a resolution on the floor of the Kansas Senate asking their fellow senators and the general public to join them in recognizing Jana Mackey Day (March 8) and to serve others in their communities. The senators also used this opportunity to talk about the important issue of domestic violence in our state and encouraged others to take action - Topeka, KS
322 Shala Mills Moved by Jana's own work in Kansas Democratic Party, Shala will increase her participation in the KDP. As a tribute to her willingness to answer the call, Shala has accepted a call to serve on the party's 1st District by-laws committee - Hays, KS
321 Claudine Drombrowski Claudine has been very active in the fight against domestic violence and sexual assault. To honor Jana, Claudine has created a YouTube video about Jana that reminds all of us to continue our efforts to prevent violence against women - Topeka, KS
320 Karla Wilson Karla is a woman who has lived through domestic abuse and knows this issue personally. To honor Jana, Karla is recommitting her efforts as a Logan County board member to do what she can to prevent and reduce domestic violence - Winona, KS
319 Olivia Kemp Olivia is currently a VISTA volunteer for the Battered Women's Task Force at the YWCA. As a daughter of a survivor and a survivor herself and in honor of Jana, Olivia is committed to educating everyone she knows about domestic violence - Topeka, KS
318 Liz Stuewe As a fellow former member of the KU Commission on the Status of Women, Liz is inspired by Jana's life to continue to support women's rights issues and to pursue a law degree. Liz is currently serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA working at a non-profit which helps move women towards financial independence through a variety of services - Great Falls, MT
317 Jessica Mortinger In honor of Jana, Jessica is committed to volunteering with a girl scout troupe of 9th grade girls. Jessica met Jana when she was in ninth grade, and she can relate to the importance of an older role model. Jessica can not wait to share her passion for life! - Lawrence, KS
316 Michelle Ireton To honor Jana and be part of this campaign, Michelle participated in her local Vagina Monologues production to raise awareness of women's issues - Hays, KS
315 Kansas Governor
Kathleen Sebelius
To honor Jana, Governor Sebelius is proclaiming March 8, 2009 International Women's day as Jana Mackey Day in Kansas. She called on all Kansans to join her and set aside time on this day to volunteer - Topeka, KS
314 Mandy Shriwise To participate in this campaign, Mandy will work through KU's Center for Community Outreach to recruit college student volunteers to participate in the International Women's/Jana Mackey Day of Service with the Women's Transitional Care Services - Lawrence, KS
313 Kayla Kaundart Kayla is committed to volunteering and helping the cause of reducing sexual assault and all violence against women. She has also participated as a cast member in the Vagina Monologues recently - Hays, KS
312 Kelli Brandt To honor her close friend Jana, Kelli has been helping a woman who is dealing with serious domestic violence issues in her life. Kelli has vowed to never remain silent again and will continue to share Jana's story to others - Lawrence, KS
311 Suzanne Klaus To honor Jana's life, Suzanne will continue to encourage open, honest communication between young couples. Also, Suzanne plans continued support through church activities and work to promote high moral and ethical behaviors among all people with whom she comes in contact - Hays, KS
310 Michaela Carter To honor Jana and two personal friends who have been victims of sexual assault, Michaela will be participating in the cast of the Vagina Monologues at Washburn University - Topeka, KS
Chelsey Gillogly
Erin Frownfelter
Kera Nuckolls
Sam Montoia
Chelsey Rose
Kelsey Torrez
Bekka Belau
These college students served as volunteers with 1100 Torches and the FHSU Vagina Monologues to recruit other volunteers to work with the Ellis Co. Chapter of American Red Cross on International Women's/Jana Mackey Day of Service - Hays, KS
302 Brooke Kaundart Brooke is committed to helping 1100 Torches be successful. This includes volunteering and serving as a role model for others. She is also working with other web sites to spread the word about Jana's legacy - Smith Center, KS
301 Hayley Charles Hayley has been inspired by Jana's story and is committed to helping bring and participate in Vagina Monologues productions - Hays, KS
300 Mandy Charles To honor Jana, Mandy is committed to adding a domestic and sexual violence section to her science curriculum at Great Bend High School were she teaches. - Great Bend, KS
299 Juliene Maska In honor of Jana and all who suffer from the horrible crime of domestic violence, Juliene is working with the Kansas Legislature to change domestic violence laws. Working with the Governor's office she is proposing new legislation that will help law enforcement agencies and the courts better track domestic violence offenders. - Topeka, KS
298 Sharon Sullivan To participate in this campaign, Sharon is taking part in the Vagina Monologues at Washburn University. The cast dedicates the performance to Jana in the hope of empowering others to continue her work through out their local community - Topeka, KS
297 Brett Whitaker To honor Jana, Brett has joined the Board of Directors and is serving as a volunteer for FHSU's Protestant Campus Center (PCC). Brett is committed to helping PCC make a difference in the lives of college students - Hays, KS
296 Sarah Miller To participate in this campaign, Sarah has volunteered to be part of a community team "Up 'til Dawn" to raise money and awareness for St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis - Hays, KS
295 Mia Mia is proud to carry a torch for Jana working with the Women's Clinic and a inner city community garden in Ohio. Through these programs Mia is mentoring young girls. "I know Jana would be so proud of me as I was proud of her. I miss her smile and her passion. I must carry them on" - Toledo, OH
294 Mary Karlin To participate in this campaign, Mary is spending valuable time assisting a friend who is raising an autistic child - Hays, KS
293 Johnny Merrill Johnny recently started working with a non-profit called Stand for Children, which advocates for better schools and school funding. Johnny knew Jana from their work together on Congresswoman Boyda's campaign and he recalls Jana's incredible spirit and leadership - Portland, OR
292 Stephanie Cosgriff To honor Jana and the noble causes she stood for, Stephanie is making a concerted effort to raise her two young sons in Jana's image. She wants her boys to "always treat people with dignity no matter who they are, and to always have the utmost respect for women" - Lawrence, KS
291 Lyndon Cosgriff Lyndon is a 7 year-old boy from Lawrence, KS, is just now learning about community service. To participate in this campaign, Lyndon has help provide needed food to the homeless in his community - Lawrence, KS
290 Matt Peters Matt has joined Jana's family and the 1100 Torches team by serving as the webmaster for the National Campaign - Hays, KS


Bryan Luttrell

The following torch is so powerful that the volunteer staff of Eleven Hundred Torches has decided to print it in its entirety:

My torch is with the kids. I started volunteering as a freshman football coach around the time of Jana's murder. My original mission at first was to teach the kids to always think (about everything) and to have fun playing a game by not taking it too seriously. I think kids, and adults, need this balance in sports and in many forms of entertainment. As a society, we are fixated on athletes and thus, a large number of kids really push themselves to satisfy that fixation, whether it's theirs, their parents, etc.

However, when Jana passed, volunteering became something more. I thought more and more about her fight for fairness and equality for all. Mainly, I thought of her fight against violence, because it was a product of this violent society that took her; a beautiful non-conformist in the truest and most tolerant sense. I now look at my coaching opportunity as one to address this violence among the young men that I mentor. In fact, the love for violence is duly noted, and admired in football, which contributes to many problems in the kid's lives. We all know this, but do we know how many of these kids grow up to be abusive/violent? Because of Jana, I've realized that I need to stand against that mentality, especially in an inner-city school where many kids are faced with violence within their lives and not just on the football field.

Additionally, I will soon mentor a young man in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program and have thought extensively about switching careers as a result of these experiences. I truly enjoy working with the kids, to remedy the root cause of the problems that created our causes. We do it for the cause because Jana did. I really hope this organization produces 1100 fighters, in the most pacifistic sense, to lead our society away from the darkness it's been headed for - Seattle, WA

288 Kathy Rose-Mockery To carry Jana's advocacy work forward, Kathy Rose-Mockery is leading a team of KU students and faculty in the development of the Jana Mackey Lecture Series. The purpose of this educational program is to bring national speakers to campus that will encourage and initiate important discussions on women's rights issues - Lawrence, KS
287 Riley Paradise To honor Jana and to participate in the 1100 Torches Campaign, Riley (a nine year old boy) is using his birthday money to buy his brother the same toys he received "so he will be happy too" - Lawrence, KS
286 Alex Musgrove Alex will be conducting a community-wide clothes drive in honor of Jana's work at GaDuGi Safe Center. The clothes she collects will be distributed to different Crisis Centers across the state - Hugoton, KS
285 Sandie Guthrie To Honor Jana and participate in the 1100 Torches campaign, Sandie has provided financial resources to help offset educational costs for local school children in need. In addition to this gesture, Sandy is working with her local Wal-mart store and recruiting employees to participate in the 1100 Torches Campaign - Hays, KS
284 Jennifer Follis Jennifer assisted a small group of college students who created and implemented the first ever Community Basketball Tournament to raise funds for the Northwest Kansas Domestic and Sexual Violence Services - Hays, KS
283 Jackie Grey Jackie assisted a small group of college students who created and implemented the first ever Community Basketball Tournament to raise funds for the Northwest Kansas Domestic and Sexual Violence Services - Hays, KS
Kennedy Hansen
Chris Blake
Zeke Adair
Ross Benisch
A small group of FHSU college students created and implemented the first ever Community Basketball Tournament to raise funds for the Northwest Kansas Domestic and Sexual Violence Services - Hays, KS
278 Annie Keuther As a Kansas state legislator, Annie worked closely with Jana on issues that they both cared deeply about. To honor Jana, Annie is recommitting her efforts to continue to fight for women's rights in Kansas - Topeka, KS
277 Lisa Colwell To honor Jana, Lisa organized 71 Hays High School National Honor Society students to commit volunteer service on behalf of Jana. Please see the next torch for more details - Hays, KS
206-276 Hays High School National Honor Society Jana was a member of the Hays High School National Honor Society and to honor her memory the 71 members of this year's HHS National Honor Society are dedicating to Jana the 580 hours of community service that they performed the fall semester of 2008. The students demonstrated service and leadership at events such as: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Kids Vote, Youth Friends, volunteering at churches and nursing homes, collecting canned goods for the Community Assistance Center, volunteering at the Ellis County Food Bank, donating blood, tutoring, providing after school care, ringing bells for the Salvation Army and many, many more good deeds in our Hays community - Hays, KS
205 Abby Westfall-Allender Jana has inspired Abby to create a new program/website that helps generate funds for 1100 Torches and other like non-profits.  Abby's activities also help link potential advocates with causes and organizations - Washington D.C.
204 Nikki Mahoney In honor of Jana, Nikki is serving as a videographer and taping 1100 Torches events and stories in the hope of motivating many others to service - Lawrence, KS
203 Sara Brungardt In addition to working on the 1100 Torches campaign team, Jana's step-sister is volunteering with young children as part of the 2009 MLK activities - Hays, KS
202 Ceanna Ceanna volunteered at a 3 on 3 basketball tournament which was a fundraiser for the Northwest Kansas Domestic and Sexual Violence Services - Hays, KS
201 LeAnn Pidcock To honor Jana, the Pidcock family is working with underprivileged children by providing them food for the holiday season. Other volunteer activities also include Toys for Tots, participation in a food drive, and they have adopted a local family in need - Denver, CO

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