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Listed below are the people who have answered Jana's Call to Action. These ordinary citizens have stepped forward and committed their time, efforts and talents in multiple ways to serve others. Inspired by Jana's life and courage, and motivated to action by her death, these people are "walking the walk". We hope these individual stories would encourage you to join our movement and make a difference.

While Jana fought hard for the causes that were closest to her heart, she was first and foremost an advocate for community service in all its forms. This web site and this campaign is about encouraging people to make their neighborhoods and communities a better place. Find a place and get involved! Need help getting started?


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Please contact us at with your stories of community service or advocacy. If you are moved to action because of Jana's life and death, or committed to service by others who are motivated by Jana's legacy, please let us know.
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Torch #423
"Forever will Jana's life story motivate me to be a better person and stand up for all those other women out there today who suffer. Her story has inspired me to get up and help" - Jayne Jansonius
Number Name Activity/Event Additional Information
Gwyn Maximov
TMP-M High School students & faculty


TMP-M High School Logo

"For the past 2 years, a part of my job at TMP-M has been to organized an all-school service day—a concept that is not foreign to many communities nationally and an activity that is taught in many university leadership courses. Here at TMP-M, individual students are required to generate 20 hours of service each semester within the community, school and church, a principle and something our school values very highly. However, as many people know when something is made a requirement, very often people will go through the motions and put in the least effort.

This year we upped the ante or better described by one of my students who coined our motto—S.T.E.P. up—we took our service learning day to a new level of Striving To Encourage People. Our goal is to renew the understanding of service, create a sense of inspiration and enthusiasm and generate new acts of service.

On April 20, 2009, with twenty-six projects in the community and six school projects, the entire student body and faculty participated in a variety of activities that included cleaning, landscaping and yard work, painting, reading to children, crafts, singing and games, thank you card writing, office work and poster hanging—events that touched organizations, businesses and individual citizens. Planning the day gave me the opportunity to delegate jobs to students in my leadership class that helped in the organizing of the day as well as provided students and faculty with an experience of three hours of service within the community.

Inspiring others and seeing the joy and appreciation of those that benefit from a service act is the creation of a little miracle. I am honored to know about 1100 Torches and to participate in the ignition of being pro-active." (51-266 /100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
520 Judy Xu This is my first time this school semester to live in the United States. As a resident student at TMP I signed up to work at the St. Joseph’s food pantry, an experience that is unique and an opportunity I would not have had in China. (50/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
519 Allison Marsell I volunteered at the St. Joseph’s food pantry to pack and carry out boxes of food to people’s cars who are less fortunate then myself. I chose to volunteer here because I like directly helping out people in my community. (49/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
518 Payne Reif I was on my way home one evening and saw an elderly lady on the side of the rode whose tire had blown out. Without thinking I pulled over to help her out. It was a blessing to help out in this spontaneous act of kindness. (48/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
517 Ashley Zimmerman I donated food to St. Joseph’s food pantry. I like knowing that by doing do this I am providing essentials to those who are less fortunate then myself. (47/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
516 Sacred Heart Grade School The students in grade 1-3 and 4-6 have been taking turns singing at mass for the local nursing home. At each of the masses students take art items to hand out to the residents. (46/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
515 Sacred Heart Grade School Sacred Heart Grade School students with the cooperation of the Home and School Organization sponsored a dinner and activity night for the senior citizen complexes in town. This was great fun for that participated in this special event. (45/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
514 Brent Goertzen To honor Jana, the Department of Leadership Studies at FHSU spent part of Wednesday evening May 6th with residents at Sterling House assisted living center in Hays, KS. They visited and played Bingo with residents. Previous Torches Dawne Leiker, Brett Whitaker, and Jill Arensdorf joined Brent and participated in the evening's activities.
513 Laura Foss The students, staff, and community members of Sacred Heart Grade School collected over 250 pairs of shoes to donate to , “ Souls for Soles.” These shoes were shipped out to help those who have lost everything in floods or other devastating events. (44/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
512 Fr. Fred Gatschet To participate in this campaign, Fr. Fred has submitted his advocacy work as his torch. Fr. Fred is a Roman Catholic Priest at TMP-M high school. "I made a You Tube video explaining the dishonesty and unconstitutional nature of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). I chose this service as a response to the damage to our society by the radical feminist agenda and its insistence on abortion without restrictions or accountability." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnZiCFjWgQw - Hays, KS
Alesha Doan
KU Students
To honor Jana and participate in this campaign, Alesha has integrated a service-learning component into her Political Science course at the University of Kansas. In her class Politics of Reproductive Policy, students are encouraged to find a place in the Lawrence area to provide community service.

"This spring semester 2009 I have been teaching a course, the Politics of Reproductive Policy. Inspired by Jana, I decided to bring back a service learning component in my class. I provided students with the option of working in the community with a women's rights related group or completing a paper. Out of the 24 students enrolled in the course, 20 of them opted to complete a community project (I required 25 hours of service in their choice of organizations over the course of the semester). This has been the most rewarding teaching semester I have had the honor of experiencing at KU. My students' experiences and willingness to become involved has been inspiring and I credit this chain of events to your daughter's legacy. I will be making this a permanent aspect of my Reproductive Policy course and every time I teach it I am going to include Jana's story in my syllabus so that my students will continue to be inspired by your daughter as well. Thank you so much for so generously sharing your daughter's life with so many of us.

I also want to thank you and Curt for being an inspiration to all of us as well. We have learned about grace, dignity, humility and commitment through the two of you. I admire you more than I could possibly convey through an email and I want you to know that it has been a great honor to work with both of you" - Lawrence, KS
Gail Agrawal
Gail James
Hannah Britton
Wendy Rohleder-Sook
Katie Bray
John Beck
Michelle Smith
Jennifer Ananda
To honor Jana, a group of KU students and faculty formed a working committee to establish the "Jana Mackey Distinguished Lecture Series." Kim Gandy, President of NOW was the first speaker on April 15, 2009. The names to the left are new torches - Lawrence, KS
481 KU's Women's and Gender Studies Program In honor of Jana, KU's Women's and Gender Studies Program brought to campus Rickie Solinger as the Verne Wagner Lecture speaker. She spoke to a large group of students and faculty about women's issues important to Jana - Lawrence, KS
480 Kim Gandy Kim Gandy, the President of the National Organization for Women, served as the first speaker of KU's Jana Mackey Distinguished Lecture Series. Kim called on the 400 in attendance to "follow in Jana's footsteps and work to make social change." - Lawrence, KS
479 Michelle McCormick "I have been a DV advocate for 11 yrs, first as a volunteer and later as a paid advocate. I currently am the coordinator for batterer intervention programs for the Office of the Attorney General, and I will always, ALWAYS remember Jana and others in my work! Though I never knew Jana, I recognize that I AM Jana, we all are Jana, and as Dr. King said many years ago, an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. I dedicate this year to the injustices of victimization." - Topeka, KS
475-478 Emily Schechinger In many communities the elderly are sometimes the forgotten. "Myself and three other friends combined our efforts to create and delivered St. Patricks Day cards with Irish blessing to the Good Samaritans of Hays Kansas. This was a huge success and very much appreciated by the residents. This particular project was something that did not take a large amount of time to prepare, but in the end resulted in an elderly resident to feel they are appreciated and loved by others in the community." - Hays, KS
474 Chelsee Blau To honor Jana, Chelsee will start volunteering to assist children at a local after school program - Hays, KS
473 Cheryl Glassman Every year at TMP-M high school is active in supporting the Kansas Special Olympics. To honor Jana, Cheryl lead a group of students and faculty to work at this year's Special Olympics event. (43/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
472 Mrs. Rachel Wentling For a number of years TMP-M STUCO has sponsored an annual blood drive because they know that it is both a simple and a powerful way to serve their community and they have been committed to providing the opportunity to students, faculty, family and the Hays community to get involved in a very important act of service. Every year the students set a goal to reach so many pints of blood. This year the goal was 100 and the final number was 124 pints. The students that prepared and worked the blood drive, the first-time blood donors, and the numerous participants that have donated throughout the years understand the importance of such a life-saving service. Mrs. Rachel Wentling is the STUCO sponsor and the behind the scenes leadership that has made for a successful event. Thank you for everyone’s help! (42/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
Payne Reif
Sammie Pfeifer
Adam Nietling
Stephanie Schmeidler
In February, there was a Kansas Youth Book Drive asking for used children’s picture books that would then be sent to children in Liberia, Africa, through the organization Trees for Life Students from TMP-M were the acting liaisons for the book drive in the Hays community, promoting, collecting, packing and shipping the books off. (40/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
Heidi Fieler
Paul Flesher
Keith Gustin
Shane Gottschalk
Since 1994, millions of dollars have been raised in pennies by more than 10 million elementary, middle and high school students throughout the country. The TMP-M Executive STUCO Officers took on this project once again and successfully encouraged the school community, collecting over $4,000 during a three-week period to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (36/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
Mrs. Patricia Gottschalk
Mark Wasinger
Taryn Kippes
Shayla Gottschalk
Jessa Stramel
Christy Moeder
A number of members from the Ambassador Club at TMP-M dedicated time to helping and working with Special Olympics Basketball tournament (32/100 Torches TMP-M) -Hays, KS
Dylan Eller
Jin Young Lee
Joe Lee
Jason Mayers
Zilin Xie

To promote service within the community Hays, KS and support the inspiring movement of 1100 Torches, the Leadership and Spirituality class at TMP-M has started a school-wide movement to promote expansion and growth within the school's current acts of service. The class has created an initiative called S.T.E.P.--Striving To Encourage People. With a legacy of a school 100 yrs old, the students have committed to encouraging 100 torch-worthy acts of service that will be generated by the student body, faculty and families. (26/100 Torches TMP-M) -Hays, KS
Leadership and Spirityality class at TMP
451 Hannah Keil Hannah has committed to working with the youth of the Jr. CYO group at St. Nick's Parish. She recognizes the value of helping others as well as what it means personally. (17/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
450 Carol Hackerott To honor Jana, Carol participated in FHSU's Vagina Monologues and was a presenter at this years Kansas Women's Leadership Conference - Hays, KS
449 Kathryn Wagoner Kathryn is happy to join this campaign by continuing her important volunteer work with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Kathryn also participates in school related service activities (16/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
448 Jana Slansky To participate in the 1100 Torches campaign, Jana is supporting and volunteering at the Jennings United Methodist Church as well as the Stockton Senior Center (15/100 Torches TMP-M) - Stockton, KS
447 Karla Stecklein To honor Jana, Karla assisted and supported the Kansas Clothes Drive for Women which was associated with the Kansas Women's Leadership Conference “Service is important in all aspects of life. We need to share what we have with others and be willing to help because some day one of us or someone we love may be in that position and will need help.” (14/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
446 Jaclyn Feldt To participate in this campaign, Jaclyn will continue her support and sponsorship of teams for the Special Olympics “Seeing the joy that comes from each of the athletes when they compete brings a peace to me every time I participate.” (13/100 Torches TMP-M) - Hays, KS
445 Stephanie Kramer Stephanie carries a torch on behalf of Alpha Gamma Delta in hopes to end abuse and violence against women and to help carry on Jana's legacy. "We participated and contributed to 'Walk a Mile in Her Shoes' and the Kansas Clothes Drive for Women. As a member and leader of this group of women I sincerely hope that our work and bringing awareness pays off and that women everywhere can be safe or get the help they need. God bless." - Hays, KS
Sara Lynn
Kayla Hern
Chelsie Blair
Grace Finney
Aubrea Winter
Jannifier Skaggs
Evan Schultz
Chance Hobrock
Karen Sierer
Jessica Swager
Fawn Kidder
Rachael Smith
Talisha Krason
Kirsten Lilak
Amanda Herrman
Nicole Moore
Ashley VanEaton
Kathryn Wagner
In honor of Jana, the students from FHSU's Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Zeta, and Alpha Gamma Rho houses volunteered to serve as the local workforce for the Kansas Clothes Drive for Women. New and gently used clothes from around the midwest was collected then distributed to the Family Crisis Service (Garden City), GaDuGi Safecenter (Lawrence), and Dress for Success (Wichita). The names to the left are new torches - Hays, KS


Clothing Drive Helpers

425 Emily Shoemaker In honor of Jana, Emily commits to volunteering in her community and carries a torch for all those in need - Hays, KS
424 Ashley Czarniecki To promote and support 1100 Torches Ashley has participated in FHSU's Vagina Monologues and along with her sorority has participated in the Kansas Clothes Drive for Women - Hays, KS
423 Jayne Jansonius Through her sorority Alpha Gamma Delta, Jayne is carrying a torch by volunteering where she can to help fight abuse among women. "Forever will Jana's life story motivate me to be a better person and stand up for all those other women out there today who suffer. Her story has inspired me to get up and help" - Hays, KS
Marcus Bean
Kyle Haas
Charles Keefer
Chris Jones
Justin Kirby
Britton Horton
Teryl Blair
Lee Farris
Drew McNutt
Austin Eickhoff
David Klaus
Brandon Kotschwar
Josh Taylor
Aaron Ladd
To honor Jana and participate in this campaign, 14 Fraternity men from FHSU put on women's high heels and "walked a mile in her shoes". The event on March 26, 2009 was hosted as an awareness to prevent domestic violence and sexual abuse. The activity also raised money for the local Planned Parenthood - Hays, KS
Guys in High heels
408 Haley Richards Haley is committed more then ever to continue as a sexual assault survivor advocate volunteer at Colorado State University and Fort Collins. She also uses every opportunity as an instructor to bring in voices from underrepresented population - Fort Collins, Co
407 Sandy McKenzie Sandy has produced a painting entitled "Finding the Center: A Torch for Jana" that will be donated to the KU's Women-in-Law 2009 Pub Night Auction. Proceeds will benefit a local charity and the KU Law School Jana Mackey Public Advocacy Fund - Lawrence, KS
406 Marleah Augustine In honor of Jana, Marleah performed in FHSU's production of the Vagina Monologues, which raised money for the local women's shelter. She believes that small steps can make a difference and strives to promote awareness about women's issues on a daily basis - Ellis, KS
405 Lydia Weed To honor Jana, Lydia has participated in this year's Vagina Monologues and has wrote an article about Jana for her campus newspaper. Lydia hopes to bring awareness about domestic violence and to help women become stronger and more independent - Hays, KS
404 Lisa Scheve To honor Jana, Lisa is leading an effort at Sunflower Bank to raise money and collect clothing from her peers for the Kansas Clothing Drive for Women - Hays, KS

Kansas Rep. Barbara Ballard
Kansas Rep. Paul Davis
Kansas Rep. Eber Phelps
On the floor of the Kansas House of Representatives, Representatives Ballard, Davis and Phelps honored Jana Mackey by presenting her family with an official certificate. They also called on their peers to join them and participate in the 1100 Torches campaign and set aside time to volunteer and serve others - Topeka, KS

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