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Jana Mackey left a legacy of courage and strength. She spent her entire life fighting for justice and equality for all. Jana dedicated her life to social change and making this world a better place. Jana’s Light Will Shine was written to encourage every one of us to carry on where Jana left off and find the courage to defeat injustice. We don’t have to let the world tell us who to be. We can be the feet and hands of change. It is our deep desire that this song will inspire you to carry on Jana’s work…to let the light move beyond yourself. Carry on, carry on, til all your strength is gone.

Lance Stafford and Jill Arensdorf

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Lance Stafford

Jana's Light Will Shine
Written by Lance Stafford and Jill Arensdorf
Recorded by Lance Stafford

Spinning faster than we know
This world tells us where to go
How to live and who to be

Through the chaos and the noise
Action echoes with one voice
Something deep inside is flickering

Lance Stafford and Jill Arensdorf
Lance with sister Jill

Light will live
Light will breathe
Light will move beyond me
Light will shout
Light will shine
Light is carried through you and I

All around us we see change
Different faces different names
Moving closer to a new reality

Where injustice finds defeat
And where courage finds two feet
Where what’s wrong and right collide and light is all we see


Carry on
Carry on
Til all your strength is gone.


Lance Stafford (on piano) is lead vocalist for the christian rock band - Cloverton of Manhattan, Kansas. His twin brother, Layne Stafford, plays bass guitar for the band.

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